La Tormenta Chapter 31

Wow. So I had my holidays in Europe, then a short break before my semester started, and I had an entire semester of classes, had my exams, six weeks of preceptorship and an additional 2 weeks before I managed to finish another chapter. That’s more than 6 months I believe.

Goodness, am I inefficient.

It’s a pretty lame chapter to be honest, covering the S-class trials even though I left the battle between Naruto and Grimoire Heart hanging from chapter 30. Well, it’s really just to set the stage for the next chapter, when all the characters come together and have a battle royale. Or something.

Well, I’m not expecting responses telling me that the chapter was epic, especially after such a long delay too. A lukewarm response is all I’m asking. Fingers crossed.

La Tormenta Chapter 30

Hurray! I did manage to crank out another chapter before I fly off for a two week holiday!

It’s a chapter I’ve been waiting to write for a while, but as with every action scene I write, it turned out very differently from what I had planned. But it worked out mostly like I intended it to, which is great. It’s not as awesome as the Oración Seis arc, but I’m content with the fact that that is my best arc and will likely remain so to the end of the story.

During this time, I also wrote out a random Naruto/High School DxD oneshot that appeared in my noggin during one of those half-awake moments in bed. It’s completely unrelated to what I plan on writing for my proper, full length crossover in that section in the future, but it’s not like it hurts to put it up online. It’s a post-and-forget-it oneshot anyway.

Update: Well, that’s my contentment with chapter 30 dead. I knew, deep down, that it was too rushed. And so it proved with like a third of the reviews telling me exactly that. Ugh, so disappointed in myself.

But hey, at least the oneshot seems popular. Wow, I really didn’t expect that sort of response. I thought people didn’t like the angst in La Tormenta, and having an angst-ridden story like Replaced in an even brighter world of DxD would go nowhere. Shows you what little I know about what people want.

Also, my drama wasn’t epic enough in chapter 30. Yea, so I guess I carved out my niche, and I have to live it to the fullest.

La Tormenta Chapter 29


So since the last update, it’s been well on 14 weeks and an entire school semester had passed. Ugh. I totally failed at the 1000words/week thing, partly because school was tough as hell (worst semester EVER, and I’m not exaggerating), and partly because I was constantly distracted by plans to build my own PC next summer.

It was going to be my graduation present to myself, but my MBP has been giving me more and more problems recently, and I lust after tech. On hindsight, doing research on parts now only increased the desire, but I might not have loads of time after graduation to do a good job of it. And given the pace of technological advancement, waiting another year seems pointless.

But that’s beside the point.

So this chapter finally lets me wrap up Edolas fully, harping on the theme of family again by reuniting Carla and Shagotte. It’s my terrible attempt at trying to bring out the theme when the arc is effectively over, but hey, I tried.

In other news, I churned out a lot of useless pre-Tenrō crap and tons of fluff for which I had no idea I had the capacity to write (so much of). The story was grim for large periods, and will get even grimmer later on. So a bit of light-hearted fluff, as a kind of ‘calm before the storm’ seemed appropriate.

Well, I spent most of my recess week doing this stuff again instead of studying. I swear I have no idea how I manage to get acceptable grades with this kind of work ethic and the competition in the course. Damn bell curve.

But hopefully after the exams, I can crank out another chapter before I jet off for the holidays. It’s one I’ve been looking forward to writing, so hopefully it wouldn’t take too long.

La Tormenta Chapter 28


Yay! I didn’t write anything in the two weeks before my preceptorship, opting to enjoy my time watching anime and whatnot. I figured putting out two chapters in quick succession deserved some reward.

Then boom! 6 weeks of preceptorship passed, and I had one week of holidays left. I certainly didn’t want to let this drag into the new semester, touted as the hardest semester of my college life by seniors. So I shoved it off for Unlimited Blade Works and some movies before I cranked it out. Whoopee.

It’s a little lacklustre, and I’ve pretty much turned Fairy Tail into a emotional drama rather than a shōnen adventure. But for a really serious attempt at fanfiction, I’m pretty pleased in spite of how it splits opinions.

It’s a pretty lengthy chapter, one of only three that breaks the 10,000 word barrier. I’m not pleased with some of it, but at least the fluff was good IMO.

Oh well, what’s done is done. I’ve written far, far worse chapters than this. Time to start work on school matters, and plan my Tenrō arc for the third time. What a pain.

La Tormenta – Chapter 26


My computer was heaving its final breaths during my exam period, and right after my final exam I got around to getting it fixed. This meant a delay in writing for days, and after that I had to get everything back in working order. So the chapter is effectively a week late. But hey, at least I got it done.

I feel like the battles could have been better, but I just couldn’t drag them out any further. This meant that I couldn’t emphasise on the toll that making Kage Bunshin puts on Naruto, nor could I feature Mira’s stamina issues. But they aren’t bad, so I hope readers will like it.

At the end of the chapter, I felt like the Edolas arc was more about interpersonal relationships than completing the mission to rescue Lisanna and stop Faust. Family felt like a huge theme, with Cana fighting Gildarts, Mira trying to rescue Lisanna, Lisanna’s connection with Edolas!Mira and Elfman, Mystogan’s relationship with Naruto and Faust…but I think I failed to really bring it out. I guess it’s a little difficult when you only feel it after writing the damn chapter.

Hopefully readers feel similarly when they read the entire thing. I wondered if I made the ending sappy enough. It felt a little lacking. But then, everything feels a little lacking after the Oración Seis arc…

A Boycott of Two FanFiction Authors – Redux

For those who read the original post, I hope none of you have done anything too drastic. I realised that I was too hasty in putting it up, in anger and disappointment, but there’s no hard proof of any wrongdoing from the latter author that I discussed. It’s unfair for me to accuse him of doing something he may not have done, and I apologise for that.

So please, no vigilantism! And don’t flame the authors or anything. I don’t want this to go bonkers thanks to a stupidly naive post by yours truly. Please don’t jump to conclusions like I did, and take your time to form your own opinions on this.

La Tormenta – Chapter 24

That was efficient. I used my recess week wisely, writing instead of studying for a barrage of tests. Wish I can keep up this sort of writing pace, but I’m too easily distracted by a myriad different things (as can be seen from this very blog).

I originally intended it to be a short interlude, but it ballooned into a chapter. Well, I say ‘ballooned’, but I don’t write 10k word chapters, so it’s really not that big.

I also went to scour previous chapters for spelling errors, and found something to fix in every chapter bar the last one. Just uploading the fixed chapters was a big pain in the butt. But at least they are gone. Hopefully I didn’t miss any. I really don’t fancy doing another massive spell check.

La Tormenta – Chapter 23

Recently, I’ve been trying the writing advice littering the internet about sticking to a writing schedule. So I decided to be more conservative, and aimed for a 1000 word/week target. So far, it’s working quite well, and I’ve managed to get a new chapter out within 3 months! Well, I guess trying to avoid studying for the hardest semester of my university life also helped.

I’ve fought my urge to write multiple stories at one time ever since I’ve started to work on La Tormenta, to try and minimise distractions. That urge ebbed for a while, but now it’s back. I really want to do a pure Narutoverse story, but to do it justice, I have to devote quite a bit of time to it. So, instead, I’m musing a Naruto/Highschool DxD crossover. It’s more brainless, hopefully funnier, and much, much sexier. Damn me and my hormones!

…but seriously, Highschool DxD is pretty entertaining. The light novels anyway. The anime doesn’t really do it justice.

La Tormenta – Chapter 22


Finally uploaded the next instalment of La Tormenta. I’ve been sitting on it for ages, adding minor bits here and there over the months. I wanted to upload this in February to coincide with the 1st anniversary of the story going online, but I ended up delaying it, what, 9 months? Gee, that’s a long time.

I blame it on school, on doing stuff like FOP’14 and SMUN’14, and most of all, on my own procrastination. I procrastinate on work, but in my twisted mind, I know work has to be the priority. So I procrastinate on writing, because I should be doing work first. So in the end, nothing gets done.

Funnily enough, despite having overloaded for this semester, I’ve actually done relatively more writing than in the previous semester and the long summer break. Whatever. I’m just glad I pushed it out. I got more events after the exams, and a holiday to enjoy. And right after that, I barely have any time before the next semester begins. And from what I hear, it’s going to be a 2015 full of hurt.

Maybe I’ll make the 2nd anniversary. That’ll be nice.


It’s what I’ve been doing for years now, and it’s not a surprise to see myself procrastinating on my essay worth 35% of my grade. I’m taking it to new levels by trying to upload some of my previous fanfictions onto the blog for no one to read, and it’s eating up big chunks of my time. Despite the job of fixing the formatting being boring as hell, I’m still choosing to do it over my work.

I’m nuts.