NATO’s Back in Business, Thanks to Russia’s Threat to Ukraine

This brings to mind the old joke back in high school. NATO = No Action, Talk Only. I didn’t really know the things that NATO did, only that it didn’t do much. It was a jocular thing; finding an acronym for a phrase, then realising it was the acronym for a real organisation.

Well, now I know. NATO really can’t do anything but stand by and watch as Russia readies to march into Ukraine.

A Russian Invasion of East Ukraine Would Make Crimea Seem Like a Cinch

Escalation. Not surprised, just resigned and hoping that the volatile situation doesn’t devolve into a war that will only lead to death and destruction. Living in peaceful Singapore, it’s often hard to get a perspective of just how violent the rest of the world is, and how bloodied some countries are.

Pray for MH370? Pray for Ukraine. For Central African Republic. For Syria. For South Sudan.

Ukrainian Base in Crimea Resists Russian Raid

Good job. Putin’s clearly gone bonkers. Is Crimea and eastern Ukraine worth all this insanity? Is this supposed to be the Russian military dipping its toe into the troubled waters, seeing if the water’s good for a swim? This just reminds me of Hitler swallowing Austria and Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia back before WWII, on some flimsy excuses of a similar nature.

This is a mad, mad world we live in. And it’s governed by mad, mad people like Putin.

4 Reasons Putin Is Already Losing in Ukraine

As much as Russia should not invade, I don’t think anyone can assume Putin is that pragmatic about this. He’s ex-KGB; I don’t think economic threats scare him (even if they prove to be effective in the future).

Can this be the moment when Putin overreaches himself and loses power? Will this actually turn out to be good for Russia and the world? We can only hope for the best.