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On Stephen Colbert

I regretted not discovering The Daily Show and The Colbert Report earlier. I only started watching more political satire when Stephen Colbert had ended his show and was about to move to take over David Letterman.

And to be honest, I wish he hadn’t.


Game of Thrones Seasons 5 & 6


If season 5 was intense, season 6 was just epic. There’s no way one single blog post can cover everything I might want to say about two incredible seasons worth of television. I’m not even sure I have enough within me to cover so many different character arcs. It’s why I’m in utter admiration of George R.R. Martin for creating such a world, and for David Benioff and Daniel Weiss for turning it into epic television and crafting that marvelous season 6 (which takes the series past the books).

So, without further ado…


Watch ‘Secrets’, The New Game of Thrones Season 4 Trailer

I really need to read the books, so I won’t get so hyped up over the TV adaptation when it comes out…

Oh, who am I kidding?


As HBO continues to ramp up the hype for the upcoming season of Game of Thrones, they’ve released a third teaser trailer for season four, called “Secrets.”

As we saw in the series’ two previous trailers (here and here) political tensions are rising in Westeros and the events of the Red Wedding are weighing heavily on several characters’ minds. Many of the characters can also be seen questioning their positions. Note Cersei Lannister asking new character Oberyn Martell, “what good is power if you cannot protect the ones you love?” What good, indeed.

April 6th can’t come soon enough for GoT fans.

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