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Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Trailer

Hands down the BEST trailer I’ve watched this year.

I thought the Thor: Ragnarok trailer was great for its fun and hip vibe, and the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer was great to watch like a mini-film (and the hype over the best on-screen Spider-Man yet; sorry Tobey Maguire!).

But THIS. This is what a trailer should be. Teasing the audience with every scene. Showing us glimpses of the epic saga that’s about to unfold. The visuals are stunning. The lines are well chosen. THE HYPE TRAIN IS CHARGING THROUGH TOWN LIKE A DREAM SEQUENCE IN COBB’S BRAIN, PEOPLE.

I hope they do the ‘start with a panting protagonist’ thing only up to Episode IX though. We had Finn do that for Episode VII, and now Rey for Episode VIII. Maybe just do Poe in Episode IX and that’s it. Don’t need too much of that.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Trailer 2


Also, Donnie Yen’s English is pretty good. And I ❤ him too.

A grimmer Star Wars is something to really look forward to. The series was built on a more optimistic, heroic style. But the word ‘war’ is in the title of the series, and finally we’re getting something more realistic.

I really need to dampen expectations before the hype train gets derailed by a potentially bad movie.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Trailer

That. Looks. AMAZING.

Darker. Grittier. Moodier. A plot that doesn’t revolve around a chosen one. A story about the ordinary. And what looks like a healthy dose of action and character development too.

Star Wars has an amazing world ripe for exploration, and this looks like a fantastic start to the film empire Disney is trying to build. If Rogue One is as good as this trailer looks, and if the ‘a film a year’ promise by Disney can keep up the same standards, then the future bodes really well for Star Wars as a franchise worth watching.

Really, this intrigues me much more than the main series does. Let’s hope it doesn’t bomb.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

2016-01-04 16.03.31I went into the film 2 weeks after its première, which meant that I already got spoiled on some details and the fact that the movie is, in fact, pretty good. So I went in with high hopes, and left with a sense of both satisfaction and longing for Episode VIII to arrive right then and there.

There’s so much about the film to discuss, so many, many spoilers ahead.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Trailer


The level of awesome in the teaser trailer is overwhelming. Nostalgic soundtrack, brilliant cinematography, what looks like a great plot linking the old cast and the new, sufficiently evil looking villains, and BB-8, the droid that just usurped R2-D2 without even trying.

And that thing is real. Like, physically moving. No CGI. I’m just blown away.

Why Jedi are called Jedi


I love Japanese culture, because it’s so unique, traditional and insular despite how modern the country seems. Of course, the influence of anime and manga exacerbates this, with their exaggerated portrayals of Japanese culture, both past and present. Western culture is so ubiquitous that its familiarity breeds contempt. Japanese culture holds a certain seductive allure, a sort of exotic feeling that Western culture no longer holds over me, having grown up on a healthy dose of Western entertainment.

Couple that with the identification of similar Asian mindsets, and it becomes something that enthrals me to no end. And it seemed to have enthralled George Lucas too, if Star Wars is any indication.