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Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 3rei!!

You know, I don’t even know why I bothered with 3rei!! given how disappointed I was with 2wei! Herz. But this is a decent return to form for the Prisma Illya franchise, even if I was kinda disappointed it didn’t take the risks I had hoped a series with the name Fate in it would take.

As usual, spoilers are ahead.



Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei Herz!


I can’t say I was totally disappointed, because the show did end in a good way, but as a whole, 2wei Herz! was not the show I thought 2wei! was building up to. And this really took a lot of the enjoyment away for me.


Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya OVA + Specials


Once again, I question myself for watching Prisma Illya. While technically part of the Fate universe, it’s a mahō shōjō AU, and it’s filled to the brim with lolis. As kawaii as they are, it feels a bit wrong at times. And I’m a 21-year-old male. Should I be watching cutesy stuff like this anyway?

Ah well. I watched The Expendables. That’s enough testosterone to make up for Prisma Illya. Plus, while it did start out cutesy and pretty funny, it ended with a bang. I mean, damn, using the cards to become the Servants? EMIYA Illya? That’s wicked. If only there was a Gilgamesh Illya. That would be mind-blowingly awesome. And frankly, Prisma Illya is a pretty self-aware anime. If I didn’t recall wrongly, Illya knows she’s a typical magical girl, since she’s an anime/manga nerd as well.

Ah, about the OVA. Right. Nothing much to report, because I mean, it is an OVA. Just a lot of bloomers, typical of the usual anime school girl. Given the bloomers are way too short and have too much screentime, it’s disturbing; I mean, those are like 10-year-old characters or something! C’mon, this is borderline paedophilia! Japan, stahp!!


Well, the 1st special was a bit of self-mockery on the whole ecchi anime culture that Japan has built, with the ridiculous amounts of fanservice everywhere. Then they made Illya wear some kitty costume, showing WAY too much skin for me to be comfortable. The comedic value of the scene just went away the moment it went into paedophilia territory. Again, Japan, WTF?

The 2nd special did a ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’ spoof, where Illya has to pick the guy she has a crush on. Naturally, like with all little sisters in anime, she has a crush on Shirō. But she can’t answer it, and I guess it’s just playing on another typical trope of anime in general. Better than using a child for fanservice though…

As for number 3, it’s a mockery of all the dieting that women do to maintain their weight. I think some diets are necessary for health, and exercise is good (even if I don’t do it). But excessive dieting is not the way to go. The ending is hilarious though, with Shirō’s unhealthy supper the true cause of Sella’s weight gain. But that doesn’t take away the real message, which is to keep healthy, and not let certain weight or body image goals affect health.

The 4th special chronicles the poor life of Tohsaka Rin, who needs to work for money and got scammed by an ad that even details her looks and 3 measurements. Tortured as Luvia’s maid, she eventually crashes through the glass doors of Illya’s veranda, disturbing the NEET. Ah, the rivalry of Luvia/Rin was used quite well as comedy in the main series, and I’m glad to see they decided to feature it in a special.

The final special sees Irisviel return to play a strip-Game-of-Life, where Sella and Leyritt are forced to remove articles of clothing due to Irisviel finding her inner dominatrix. Eventually they end up wearing maid costumes since they lost the game, and obviously the maid costumes were terribly revealing, perfect for Shirō to come home and see. Poor guy, alone in a household filled with only women. At least this time the fanservice is with older women, and not children like Illya.


Well, nothing much to say, since these are extras that have little impact on the actual story. Can’t wait for 2wei to be fully released so I can watch it. Meanwhile, I still have a ton of shows, sitcoms and anime to catch up on, so I have plenty of stuff to watch before the sequel comes out. Oh, and exams of course. I still have upcoming exams 😛