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What Does the Pokémon World Eat? Pokémon. 

The dark truth behind Pokémon.


Anyone who grew up in the 1990s (or any time after that, basically) is familiar with the basic, addictive premise of the Pokémon video games: the world is full of fantastical creatures that “trainers” can collect and make fight each other—kind of like animals, but more easily tamed. But that world, designed for tweens and teenagers, might be far creepier than it appears.

Modern Farmer published an article that analyzes the mysterious food politics of the world of Pokémon and comes to a conclusion: “Simply put, it is a fact that people eat Pokémon.” Collating creatures from the games and comments from the world’s non-player characters who chat up the protagonist, it becomes clear that Pokémon produce the basis of the world’s existence. Miltanks, a cow-like Pokémon, produce milk, while the tail of the Slowpoke, an exceedingly dumb Pokémon, is a delicacy. The poison of the serpentine Arbok makes a…

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Google’s April Fool’s Pokémon Challenge

Well, I managed to get all 150 Pokémon with the help of this wiki, but I couldn’t find Mew. I tried reinstalling Google Maps, but that just wiped my progress. Was going to blow through all 150 Pokémon again, but I figured I spent enough time already, and I was sick of the ‘game’ after failing to find Mew for so long.

It was good while it lasted. Well played, Google. I hope you do something as epic as this again next year.

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Twitch Plays Pokémon – Crystal


Well, for the touch of irony, the guys behind Twitch Plays Pokémon made the players beat Red from the previous game. They eventually did beat BirdJesus and Lord Helix, but I really did miss Dorkly’s commentary.

Apparently they are headed to Pokémon Emerald next. It’s a bit of a fading fad for me now, but still nice to catch up on the game once in a while.

Twitch Plays Pokémon – Fan Art


I wish I could draw like that. Pictures really do speak a thousand words. Me? I have to manually write those thousand words. I’m pretty good at that though. And I read an article by a self-published author that says that any writing is good practice, so keep writing, even if it’s mundane. So hurray blogging!

I have a special contempt for modern art though. It’s ridiculous.