Naruto 692


Naruto and Sasuke are getting their epic final battle! That’s great, and it’s a curveball I didn’t see coming from Kishimoto-sensei, whom I have been criticising since goodness knows how long about the Sasuke issue. Not that there aren’t other problems with his story, but hey, this was a biggie.

But I don’t like how convoluted this came about, and I think it’s pretty idiotic from Sasuke’s perspective. I mean, he wants to lead a one-man revolution? So what happens when he kills Naruto and Team 7 and the Gokage? He’s just going to tell everyone that he’s the only one alive left fit to rule? Who’s going to follow him based on that, ignoring his Uchiha roots? Isn’t him ruling like how Madara wanted to rule?

Also, without Naruto, how the hell is he going to revive everyone from the Mugen Tsukuyomi? Take the special chakra from Naruto’s dying body? If he can’t get everyone out of the illusion, what’s he going to rule? A barren, desolate land? Or is he planning to rule over a bunch of civilians? Just let all the ninjas die? Then he’s practically Kaguya then.

Yea, great job. Sasuke’s a terrible villain, with stupid motives. Changing the system? He’s trying to restart what led to the current system in the first place. Nice way to mangle your favourite character, Kishimoto-sensei. What an idiot.

Naruto 683

So, after a ton of chapters where Sakura feels insecure about being useless, we suddenly find a use for her? And reviving Obito is now crucial for finding Sasuke in order to seal Kaguya away with Naruto in tandem? And that Hagoromo can just emerge from Madara’s lower half like a genie from a lamp?


Naruto 681

“What…? What…? What…?”

That was all I managed to say as I read this chapter. I like it when authors manage to integrate grand master plans of evil villains into the plot, but this…this is just idiotic stuff.

Black Zetsu is a ‘child’ of Kaguya. Who basically wrote the entire book of ninja history with his ‘meddling’, changing the Uchiha tablet, monitoring and using the transmigrants, creating Akatsuki (that’s like the 4th character to have laid claim on that dubious honour now), and manipulating Madara into doing ALL the things he did. What…?

Also, Sharingan can now use its powers in death, just because a Mangekyō technique can activate whenever it it set to activate, like some timer on a cooker, or the alarm of a clock. What…?

And Kaguya is now apparently a part of the Jūbi that wanted to take back its chakra from her sons. What…?

This has gone beyond even the realms of my imagination. I’m blown away by the sheer stupidity of this constant escalation that changes the backstory every other chapter. You can’t just change the backstory over and over and over again, just to make your new, bigger, badder villain seem integrated into the plot. I know that creating new content is your prerogative, but surely there’s another way to do this? I can’t believe I’m saying this, but can we not just have a regular ol’ villain and a big fight without all this nonsensical expositions?

Naruto 678

I get it. Plot twists are in vogue no matter when or where they are applied.


Black Zetsu, the will of Madara, is now the will of Kaguya? Betraying Madara and killing him? Oh, and Madara went down like a pussy, despite having just owned the crap out of every single ninja in the world? I’m surprised Madara didn’t have the ability to just phase the hell away.

Betrayal as a plot twist is perfectly acceptable, but this execution? Utter crap. Madara was made über broken by you already, and now he’s taken out so easily? I call bullshit.

Next thing you know, Madara helps the protagonists to fight a manifestation of Kaguya, who gets ‘revived’ through Black Zetsu. Then he dies a hero’s death, having been the ‘saviour of the world’ as he claimed so emphatically right before he got stabbed through the heart. Redemption, death for a former baddie, and the world saved. How perfect and convenient.

And the worst part about all this? I’m actually expecting the above to occur. Ever since the reveal of Kaguya as the mother of the Rikudō, and probably even more powerful than him, it’s now obvious that she’s going to be the final boss of final bosses. And it’s happening. For real.

Also, Naruto acting silly despite the world about to collapse. And Sakura being sensitive to Sasuke being insensitive. Team 7 back together with their old dynamics. How quaint. How STUPID.

Naruto 676

I knew the Rasengan was based on Bijūdama, so why didn’t I see that Bijūdama Rasenshuriken coming?

Also, Sakura decided to be an idiot because she felt useless, and charged recklessly at a superior opponent forcing her teammates to go after her, and potentially ruining the battle for the world? And she did that, hoping that Sasuke still cared? Kishimoto-sensei, you’ve been trying to develop Sakura, so why on earth are you trying to make her shallow again?

And Madara now has more shadows, and we finally see the existence of ninjas beyond Team 7. Oh, and he’s already got that third eye. That’s quick.

Please, just no ‘collective effort’ bullshit to throw off the Tsukuyomi.

Naruto 675


This ‘Madara is a master manipulator’ thing is just WAY too ridiculous. I know his reach is supposed to be immense, but really? Hinging on Minato not being around, then getting Kiri-nin to capture Rin, turn her into a jinchūriki, let her escape, try to kill her, let Obito see all of it, and hoping that it’ll disillusion him? That seems awfully long-winded. If you’re already so influential, why not just slowly grasp control of all the hidden villages, then take the jinchūriki away? It’s not like any of them will be missed apart from Killer Bee.

Of course, there must be lengthy expositions to explain the convoluted mess that is the plot now. Obito, instead of screaming at Sakura to just destroy his eye, must explain it first, giving Madara just enough time to collect it. Of course, Madara must then explain why Obito is in this state because he’s a megalomaniac and needs to do this shit. And all that crap about more jūin. Really? Totally unnecessary crap that just confuses the reader. Why can’t it be a simple ‘Black Zetsu is immobilising Obito’?

Obito, obviously has the sense to teleport Sakura out of Kamui despite not being able to move. And she pops out right where Kakashi and Sasuke are. Naruto finished off shadow!Madara friggin’ quick, and mostly off-screen. Then he pulls off that bullshit he did with Gai, and returning Kakashi his eye. Great, how miraculous. I’d wager Naruto’s going to revive every dead person at the end of this battle, including Neji.

Then that flashback. Ye gods above, have mercy upon thine tortured soul! This is so disgustingly campy. And that shit about teamwork? Yea, I’m SO glad Konoha trains its ninjas to be completely nonchalant about working with a known traitor. That is so utterly ninja, it blew my mind.

Oh, and is Team 7 the ONLY surviving ninja in this entire friggin’ battlefield? Is there NO one else in this god-forsaken world to fight Uchiha Fucking Madara? And I’m sure that Sakura will somehow keep up with Sasuke and Naruto despite both of them getting über-gear from the Rikudō while Sakura only got Tsunade’s diamond. And she’s not even as skilled as her master. Naturally that’ll change for this fight.

Reading Naruto is like reading fanfiction with Über!Characters and equally Über!Villains. The level of Gary-Stu and Deus Ex Machina is OVER 9000!

I had to make a DragonBall reference eventually. Top of the pile when it comes to manga with over-powered characters.

Naruto 673

Goodness. I know I predicted Sasuke will get the Rinnegan in my earlier post, but he seriously got it in this chapter? I did that in jest, Kishimoto-sensei!!! You weren’t supposed to do it!!!


And as most fans would have predicted, Naruto is basically the 2nd coming of the Rikudō Sennin. He even has the orbs that Madara is using now, and has the chakra of all the nine bijū. Which he can add to his Rasengan to make some crazy lava/wind Rasenshuriken. Seriously, it’s the most broken ‘base’ technique ever, with so many add-ons that it can do anything and everything (including destroying the Tree of Life that even Gai couldn’t dent…and destroy it in one hit too -.-).

Gai is officially alive, because Naruto somehow closed the Gate without knowing how he did it…

“I feel like I can do anything.”

Seriously? That’s your explanation for why Naruto managed to save Gai’s life? This is bloody ridiculous.

And why was there even a scene where Gaara talks to Naruto about being allies? That’s so superfluous and completely out of place in the context of this battle. Hell, everyone knows that’s going to happen when Naruto become Hokage. I don’t even think Kishimoto-sensei is trying to play up the idea that Gaara is awkward with his feelings, and tells Naruto that in lieu of ‘you’re my friend, stay alive’. The plot so far has shown that Kishimoto-sensei has zero intention of exploring actual human emotion and interactions.

Ah, heck. Why do I always get worked up over Naruto even though I’ve long ‘given up’ on it?

Naruto 672

Okay, we get it. We can see the symbols on their palms. Naruto is the sun, Sasuke the moon. God, the clichés and tropes that are being thrown out by Kishimoto-sensei are getting worse and worse. I really can’t take this whole ‘reincarnation’ bollocks. It completely undermines the characters. But it’s done already, so moving on…

I’ve always wondered how Gai can come up with his various moves that are based on the Hachimon. He can’t open them without dying, so how does he practise? How does he know his ‘limits’? How does he know what’s effective, and what’s not? I mean, I can understand Hirudora (Daytime Tiger). It’s up to 7 Gates, and Gai doesn’t seem permanently impaired by that. 7 Gates is no death marker. Probably more dangerous to practise than Naruto’s Rasenshuriken, but Gai’s crazy enough to do it.

But Sekizō (Evening Elephant) and Yagai (Night Guy)? Those need 8 Gates open to use. How the hell does he even invent the stances and whatnot? I mean, Lee clearly states he noticed the Yagai stance is different from Sekizō, which mean there is a fixed stance that Gai created. HOW???

It does make Gai look supremely cool, but I really hope that last page was NOT Naruto reviving Gai. As touching as that gesture is, it totally ruins the point of Gai sacrificing himself to buy time. Opening the Hachimon is supposed to be a death marker. I know it’s cruel, but for the sake of the story, death needs to happen. Neji died already, and also in sacrifice for Naruto’s life. You just made Gai’s sacrifice epic and awesome; please let his Springtime of Youth run out the way he chose to.

But I don’t expect Gai to die, not with Naruto granting him that spark of life (or at least, what I interpreted from the last page). Oh, and Naruto combines Kurama’s chakra with Sennin Mōdo like when he talked to Nagato. Sasuke will probably somehow end up with the Rinnegan though.


Naruto 670

No. Just, no.

So the Rikudō Sennin can travel through time as a mass of chakra. He apparently has a brother that doesn’t matter now (but will probably do so in the future through another draggy flashback/backstory), and a mother from some unknown land that came to conquer. Unnecessary backstory.

Sons get names. Indra and Ashura. Reaffirms what we all know about their backstory, and all that jazz about geniuses favouring being loners and losers favouring hard work, growing into their own (just as absurd power) and the Power of Friendship. And they turned into chakra, which reincarnated many times, including into Naruto.




This has rendered Naruto, Sasuke, and the entire line of Senju/Uchiha that have been fighting each other obsolete as characters. They are merely reincarnations of the same characters over and over again, and it appears they don’t change much from their original forms. There’s nothing unique about the main characters anymore. They are just one of many.

Well done, Kishimoto-sensei. I thought it wasn’t possible for anyone to do this, but you’ve just made your characters completely pointless. All the struggles of Naruto, Sasuke, et al, made utterly insignificant with this single revelation. So what if Sasuke had his family massacred, and Naruto had Kurama in his belly? They reacted exactly the same way as their previous forms apparently do. The circumstances for Ashura/Indra are only technically different than those for Naruto/Sasuke. All the rivalry between Hashirama/Madara? Nah, they’re just acting like their ancestors.