Nisekoi END

I don’t usually care for rom-coms, and Nisekoi was a stereotypical rom-com harem manga where we have a boy with a crush on a girl and vice versa, but with neither realising each other’s feelings. A whole cast of females fall in love with our oblivious male protagonist, and they go off on their adventures in high school trying to figure relationships out while trying to remember some promise from years ago.




Man At Arms: Reforged – Asuna’s Rapier

The series is seriously meh right now, but I have to give them props for their pretty decent weapon design. Well, at least for season 1. Season 2 was just guns and Kirito being an OP protagonist bringing a sword to a gun fight and winning.

Never actually realised Asuna’s rapier isn’t really a rapier though. Anime is anime…

Man At Arms: Reforged – Erza Scarlet’s Sword and Armour

Well, Erza’s Heart Kreuz sword and armour are her default set, but she swaps to other armours so much I don’t think they define her anymore. Hell, she beats more enemies in her hot pants and breast bindings than her regular armour.

That said, this is probably far more iconic and easier to produce than, say, her Armadura Fairy armour. And heck, it does look good.

I sorely wish Fairy Tail could be as good as this…