Singapore Has Banned an Archie Comic for Depicting a Gay Wedding

Someone complained about these? Seriously, how is a depiction of gays any worse than Fifty Shades of Grey?

I want to buy MDA’s words. I really do. But I don’t think they have to pull titles down just because of a few complaints. Frankly, I think there weren’t even any complaints…


State media censors in Singapore have banned the sale of an Archie comic book for its frank presentation of gay marriage, a matter that remains socially taboo and legally verboten in Southeast Asia’s most developed state.

Singapore’s Media Development Authority (MDA) censored the comic book, first published in January 2012, earlier this year, but the ban is only just now coming to light — a week after another state agency removed three children’s books promoting tolerance of same-sex relationships from the national library’s shelves.

The third installment in Archie: The Married Life, one of several spinoff series in the multifarious Archie universe, features the wedding of Kevin Keller, a gay character whose creation in 2010 earned writer Dan Parent a GLAAD Media Award last year. (In the latest volume, Archie dies taking a bullet for Kevin, now a U.S. Senator.)

As critic Alyssa Rosenberg noted Wednesday in The Washington Post

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Thailand’s Intolerance of Its Own LGBT Community Will Surprise You

Not something I expected, given the commonness of transexuality there. But again, Thailand is Asian, and the people are likely to be conservative. Even the most liberal countries have trouble doing so, so why should Asian countries fare any better?

It will be a long, long road for the LGBT community.


The water surface ripples, then stirs into a frenzy of feeding catfish. Arisa Thanommek and Pacharee Hungsabut dip their fingers into a bag of pellets and toss two more handfuls into the artificial lake at which they like to spend their weekends.

“We knew people would react when we got married,” says Arisa, thinking of the hurtful slurs that arrived when pictures of the two women’s wedding were published in May. “But it was horrible when strangers wrote that our families should be ashamed.”

Thailand likes to project itself as an oasis of tolerance in a continent where roughly half of the countries outlaw homosexuality. It is one of only seven Asian signatories of the U.N.’s declaration of LGBT rights, and its tourism authority reaches out to gay travelers with websites like this, boasting that “Thailand embraces all lifestyles.”

The country could also become the first Asian country to…

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Uganda’s New Anti-Gay Law: Part of a Broader Trend in Africa

Uganda’s New Anti-Gay Law: Part of a Broader Trend in Africa.

As someone who’s quite liberal, it’s hard for me to imagine why anyone would be opposed to homosexuality. I guess the converse is also true; that the traditions and conservative views of Africans must make it hard for them to consider our side of the argument. While I don’t think it’s wrong to believe that LGBT is ‘abnormal’, I definitely don’t agree with the idea of imprisonment or even execution as initially proposed in Uganda.

Is it due to my education and my upbringing, that I see huge problems with violence? Are problems really that unsolvable with diplomacy, that weapons must be brought into the equation? I suppose the human race has a great propensity for violence, as has been documented over centuries of history. Civilisation? Pah. We act more like animals at times.

And this article also shows the darker side of politics, where votes matter more than the people. The desire for power triumphs over everything; everything can be justified if you have power. It’s grim viewing, but that’s the reality of our world.

Diversity is a hallmark of democracy and freedom. But the pitfalls can be very, very frightening.

Ellen Page

Well, well, well.

There was a collective ‘okaaaaay….’ when the news came out that Ellen Page was lesbian. While it wasn’t immediately obvious to me, it seemed so for many people that she was, in fact, lesbian. I don’t think people have any issues with that, but I suppose it does help the LGBT rights groups that a famous Hollywood actress admits that she’s lesbian.

After Michelle Rodriguez stated she plays for both sides.

And Sir Ian McKellen.

And Ellen DeGeneres.

And probably some I didn’t even pay attention to. Recently, NFL and NBA also have players who came out as gay, and there was some hoohah about whether the NFL player will get drafted, and what will happen to the NBA player. Football’s Thomas Hitzlsperger also came out as gay. Again, I didn’t pay much heed to these news headlines.

And why not? Because while it’s laudable that they are willing to tell the world about their preferences, promoting the LGBT movement, it shouldn’t be. If society wants to accept the LGBT community, among others, then we need to accept that it’s normal for them to be gay, and continue with life. All this hullabaloo just makes it seem like it’s supposed to be a secret, and that it’s not really socially acceptable to be part of the minority.

Of course, given that the fight is far from over, I’m not surprised that there can be a big fuss. I guess from the perspective of the LGBT community, it’s great to get such coverage. But personally? I’ll just lament that I no longer have that 0.00000001% chance of hooking up with one of the sweetest looking Hollywood actresses ever.