jackie chamoun

Female Olympians

Recently, I read an article about how female athletes had to do sexy shoots in order to capitalise on the limited window of exposure that the Olympics brings. That they needed sponsorship, and the only way to do so in a sporting world dominated by men is to play on their attractiveness.

I think that in this scenario, it’s less about female empowerment through sexuality, and more about making enough money to make ends meet. In the material world we live in, we can’t always aspire towards post-materialistic ideals. Feminism is great in theory, but in practice, it’s difficult to overcome centuries of patriarchy.

It’s not the best endorsement for the feminist movement, but they are still Olympians, competing in a global sporting event. That they need money to live and train for the quadrennial event, and earn that through photo-shoots shouldn’t be condemned. It should be lauded in a way; that these people find the means, making use of whatever they have in hand to pursue their Olympic dreams.

So what if it plays on the fact that attractiveness is important? Talent is talent, and good looks is a form of talent in and of itself. David Beckham sold his looks so many times over, and Cristiano Ronaldo has followed suit. Even the male athletes who get regular exposure exploit their looks to sell their brand. Why shouldn’t female Olympians do the same? Just because they are female, they should be held to a different standard? That’s anti-feminist.


Winter Olympics 2014 – Sochi

I didn’t catch anything from the Winter Olympics, mainly because I have little interest in the sports played. The only thing that stood out were the commentaries about Russian anti-gay laws, and Sochi’s terrible facilities.

In the end, though, what did I learn from the event that I didn’t even pay attention to?

USA has to keep Bieber

Because they lost to Canada in men’s ice hockey. Hah!

Russia does have a sense of humour

As proven by their closing ceremony, where they purposely let the last Olympic ring open later than the others, referring to the failure from the opening ceremony.

The world loves Kim Yu-na

They crashed change.org trying to petition to give her the gold medal instead of the Russian figure skater who won. People involved in the sport claim it was given to the rightful sportswoman.

I don’t care for the Winter Olympics

The regular Olympics have larger-than-life characters that I can recall after the Olympics have ended. The only athlete I remember from this Sochi Olympics is Jackie Chamoun, and that’s because of the controversy back in Lebanon when pictures from her topless photoshoot surfaced. And the Lebanese people don’t even care; it’s the government that’s criticising her for giving the country a bad image. When every other country with attractive athletes do racy shoots all the time, especially to take advantage of the limited window of exposure.

Jackie Chamoun is very, very attractive

I’m not ashamed to admit that. I am a hot-blooded male. And I’m pretty sure that objectively, most of my female friends will agree too.