Final Audio Design Heaven IV

FAD Heaven IVMy terrible camera skills and the use of my phone camera really doesn’t do the beauty of these things justice.

I learnt of the crazy gorgeous and niche-tuning Final Audio Design via, and I’ve lusted after these babies for a long while now. While I understand that FAD are more sound than design, you can’t run away from the fact that the stuff they make looks ridiculously beautiful.



Ocharaku Donguri Raku [Koicha]

Ocharaku Donguri Raku KoichaThey say curiosity killed the cat. I don’t have a cat for it to kill, but it certainly mugged my bank account.

There’s something about Japanese boutique audio brands that really call out to me. The stuff they come up with is really quite unique, and they draw my attention like nobody’s business. Coupled with the fact that they are pretty exclusive to the domestic market, it makes them akin to collectors’ items.

Ocharaku first caught my attention with the Flat-4 Sui, which had a very interesting concept behind it. Then they had the Donguri, but as with the Flat-4, I felt my budget couldn’t handle that sort of cost for interest’s sake. But the Donguri Raku came along, and I was sold.