Why Thor wasn’t in Civil War

Oh you!



BgA – Dong Saya Dae (똥싸야돼) M/V


But this is almost exactly what I think about K-pop. I guess I’m more of a traditional kind of music listener who prefers artists that aren’t about their dancing abilities. I don’t understand the lyrics, I barely appreciate the electronic music, and while I’m super impressed by the dance routines, it’s superseded the music. What’s the point of calling it music when it’s more about the dancing?

There’s also the sex appeal angle which makes me feel a little sad. I mean, sure, sex sells, but again, things like music should be about the music and not the looks of the artist. Music is meant to be heard, not watched. And K-pop is basically just a huge business venture by giant music corporations that cobble talented dancers together to form bands that have to adhere to strict routines and are punished severely for stepping out of line. They also have terribly short shelf-lives dictated by age and popularity, and groups pop up and then disappear all the time. It’s all about the money these days.

But I’m hypocritical; I do enjoy some manufactured pop music (of the English variety), and BABYMETAL is definitely manufactured but I love them to bits. Though at least I don’t follow K-pop bands solely because I think the singers are pretty. That’s just a whole new level of sad.

This Movie Will Pass The Bechdel Test – CH2

This makes me MUCH more relieved. I always felt like I didn’t write female characters well, and I don’t think I ever passed the Bechdel Test for La Tormenta. Mad Max made me feel inadequate and chauvinistic, but this at least puts my mind at ease. A quick check in Wikipedia tells me I definitely passed the sexy lamp test, but I don’t think I passed the Mako Mori test (which is VERY hard to do in a story with a male main character). Oh well, the only way is up, right?

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Guide to Blowing Shit Up

As much as I think he’s just another action movie star whose heyday is long behind him, I can definitely respect Arnie. He was a bodybuilder who went to USA with nothing except a seriously heavy Austrian accent, but made millions as an entrepreneur before becoming an actor, and then went on to become one of the biggest and most recognisable movie stars in the world. And then became a friggin’ Governor of California.

And now he’s blowing shit up to promote worthy causes he believes in. What a man.

Also, now that he’s starred in Maggie, a dramatic film that I’ve heard he was pretty good in, maybe he should delve into comedy too…

Stop Saying “I’m So Broke” – CollegeHumor

They’ve released a bunch of videos mocking millennials for saying phrases like “I’m so old.” or “They ruined my childhood.”, and those were pretty funny, even if they hit home a little hard.

But this one…ugh.

I keep telling myself to spend less money on things I don’t need, but it can be hard to resist the temptation (despite my thrift in the past). Seriously, CollegeHumor. Stop making me feel bad about myself!