fairy tail

Fairy Tail END

It’s difficult for me to bid Fairy Tail a fond goodbye, given how much it has offended my sensibilities as it wore on, and how much I’ve crapped on it as a result of my annoyance at the series. But it has entertained me in its earlier arcs, and I’ve based my best fanfiction on its world.

So I’ll try to be more objective and push aside my grievances a little as I ramble on about the series that had sort of taken the place of Naruto as one of the big three manga for me.



Fairy Tail 498

I haven’t had a good rant about Fairy Tail in a while, mainly because it’s not worth a lengthy whine in a blog post. But this…this is stupid. This is a level of stupid that makes me struggle to think of anything more stupid.


Man At Arms: Reforged – Erza Scarlet’s Sword and Armour

Well, Erza’s Heart Kreuz sword and armour are her default set, but she swaps to other armours so much I don’t think they define her anymore. Hell, she beats more enemies in her hot pants and breast bindings than her regular armour.

That said, this is probably far more iconic and easier to produce than, say, her Armadura Fairy armour. And heck, it does look good.

I sorely wish Fairy Tail could be as good as this…

Fairy Tail 465


I…really don’t know what to feel about this chapter.

On the one hand, I see Mashima-sensei put some effort into bringing all the elements of his story together. So they aren’t actually as disparate as they have been presented thus far in the series. Connecting Eclipse, the dragons (and slayers), Zeref, Acnologia…it all seems pretty well done from a overarching story perspective.



Fairy Tail 451

So the truth is out.

Fairy Heart is infinite magic.


But I have to apologise to Mashima-sensei for getting way too agitated over the plot hole of the 7-year timeskip. Re-reading the manga, I realised that Zeref told Makarov that he only recently decided he wanted Fairy Heart. Convenient way of circumventing the issue, but it’s a shit load better than leaving it as a massive plot hole.

Still not convinced by the necessity of Alvarez to counter Acnologia. Still not convinced by Face or Etherion as weapons effective against Alvarez (which Makarov pointed out, and Zeref agreed to a certain extent). Still not convinced that Ivan didn’t take the opportunity to enter the foreclosed Fairy Tail building during the timeskip to try and find Fairy Heart again.

Zeref is still a pretty lacklustre villain, and the series is about to embark on its usual predictable fights. I’m basically just waiting for all this to end with Natsu beating Zeref but probably not killing him. Maybe Mavis can kiss him and end his life like he put her in stasis the last time. Meh.

Fairy Tail 450

What…the heck just happened?

I like that Mashima-sensei redeemed his many, many Zeref contradictions by making it a core part of his powers. I also know that there are plenty of other problems with his conceptualisation of Zeref that doesn’t fit despite this new ‘development’, but I’ll cut him some slack.

But a Zeref/Mavis pairing that causes Mavis to die, and I’m guessing Zeref wants her back to revive her? For love?

I’m surprised by this plot twist. Not pleasantly so, but I’m surprised. And I’m not sure I want to see what’s next. Humanising Zeref has only made him a far more boring character/villain. If the reason Zeref wants Fairy Heart aka Mavis is really for love, then I’m going to flip.

Fairy Tail 445

I find myself blogging about Fairy Tail a lot these days.


So the reason behind the creation of the Albareth Empire is revealed. To fight Acnologia. SERIOUSLY?

What’s the point of that random face-off between Zeref and Acnologia a few chapters earlier then? Also, you are fucking Zeref. There’s zero need for a bloody empire to fight Acnologia.

And then there’s the whole Lumen Histoire/Fairy Heart thing. I get it, it’s a super-powerful magic that even Zeref wants. Guess what? FOR SEVEN BLOODY YEARS, THE STUPID FAIRY TAIL BUILDING WAS UNDER FORECLOSURE AND COMPLETELY EMPTY.

In that time, you could have easily popped in, smashed the building to bits, found the secret entrance and gotten your hands on Fairy Heart. SEVEN FUCKING YEARS TO DO IT.

Also, as nice as it is to bring in the Dragon King Festival, a concept you threw out eons ago, are you seriously insinuating that it’s all Zeref’s grand plan to create a huge melee between dark wizards, dragons and humans and see who survives? Why can’t you just use your haxx skills and kill the shit out of everyone without resorting to these random plans? You told Makarov you wanted to exterminate humans. THEN JUST DO IT.

I’m so annoyed right now. I didn’t expect a good reason for all this, but it turned out to be worse than I thought.

Oh, and convenient Makarov rescue is convenient.