Wonder Woman

I admit, I harboured plenty of doubts regarding Wonder Woman after the critical failures of BvS and Suicide Squad. But the reviews were good, so I decided to give the DCEU another go.

And while this isn’t an epic film, it’s a pretty darn good film. HUGE spoilers ahead!



Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice – Trailer


Well, it definitely LOOKS good. I don’t have much faith in Zack Snyder’s ability to direct good plot-driven films, but the visuals are definitely going to be spectacular. But the trailer does hint at a lot of slow-motion, which is his thing.


I like the plot teased in the trailer. I really do. But it’s really just a adaptation from the comics. Also, while Jesse Eisenberg looks like a pretty good Lex Luthor so far, and Batfleck doesn’t look half bad, I loathe that fat Batman logo. It looks utterly hideous. I mean, sure, there’s nothing wrong with a bulked up Batman. But the logo doesn’t have to go the same way.

Joker will seemingly make an appearance, which is great, but I worry about just how much content are they trying to cram into this movie. Look at the mess that made of Spider-Man 3, when they introduced 3 villains. Hopefully Lex Luthor will remain as a character getting built and teased for the Justice League film, rather than becoming a major antagonist. Ditto Joker and Suicide Squad or the next Batman film.

Wonder Woman makes an appearance too, which is great, but it’s hard to tell what role she’s going to play. Already there feels like an overload of characters. Granted, most people will know superficially of these characters, and it’s possible to play off their prior knowledge and just go for it. But as a standalone film, it needs to build its characters, and I hope they don’t make a mess of it.

And what of Aquaman? As much as he is the butt of jokes on the internet, he’s a legitimately powerful character.

Finally, I have an issue with the final battle. See, there was already plenty of CGI in Man of Steel, but it wasn’t so bad as to make me cringe. But the final battle between Batman and Superman, as teased in the trailer? Looks very heavily CGI-ed. After Nolan’s trilogy, I’m a little more adverse to CGI, especially for a film featuring Batman. Marvel can get away with it because they handle so much more sci-fi, and they have a brighter colour scheme and tone in their films. DC went for dark and gritty, and CGI does not mesh as well.

But what the heck, I’ll watch it anyway.