If The Speech From Independence Day Happened Today – CollegeHumor

Unfortunately, that’s a very accurate portrayal of the world we live in.



Stop Saying “I’m So Broke” – CollegeHumor

They’ve released a bunch of videos mocking millennials for saying phrases like “I’m so old.” or “They ruined my childhood.”, and those were pretty funny, even if they hit home a little hard.

But this one…ugh.

I keep telling myself to spend less money on things I don’t need, but it can be hard to resist the temptation (despite my thrift in the past). Seriously, CollegeHumor. Stop making me feel bad about myself!

What Sex With Quentin Tarantino Must Be Like – CollegeHumor


The Peter Jackson one was pretty funny, but it had too many hard truths that just reminded me of the flop that is The Hobbit. This though…ah, the nostalgia. If there’s a director where I can safely say I love all of his films, Tarantino will be top of the list. Him or Nolan, but I haven’t watched Interstellar yet, so I’ll have to reserve judgement until then.

Why Every MacBook Needs A Different Goddamn Charger – CollegeHumor


But seriously, as much as I respect Apple for having the cojones to take away things they think we don’t need and force-feeding us things we don’t yet need, it’s getting to the point where I’m not sure I want my next laptop/desktop computer to be a Mac.

A single USB-C port, really? And I need an adapter that sells for US$79.00 just to get a USB and HDMI port while charging? No doubt there’ll be new MacBooks with more USB-C ports in the future, but what’s it going to cost me?

The big reason why I like my Mac over Windows is the superiority of OSX. But Windows 10 looks really, really good so far. And frankly, I’m not fond of Apple’s walled garden attitude. We’ll see.