Naruto/Rosario+Vampire Crossover

I would totally write a Bleach crossover, but I’ve written a few before, and they didn’t turn out so well. Either the Naruto-has-zanpakutō ones (would love to see him use Ryūjin Jakka/Hōzukimaru/Kazeshini instead of the usual Senbonzakura/Hyōrinmaru, if anyone is willing to write it…), or Naruto-in-Bleach ones. This crossover though, is something I’ve mulled over before I started out on La Tormenta.

You know how everyone makes Naruto join Yōkai Academy with Moka? Well, what if he’s a senior, who joins with Otonashi San? I’ve always been interested in developing her character more. In case you don’t know (or can’t remember) who she is, she’s the Siren who reformed Ginei/Haiji, back when she was a senior ahead of them in school. She meets Tsukune’s gang during summer, when they help out at the resort.

Naruto is thus a graduate when Tsukune and gang join the school, which gives him a lot of room to mess about and fight against Fairy Tale on his own, a lone hero on his righteous crusade. Also, all three school years will have to be original content, since there’s no manga/anime precedent (and there won’t be complaints like there were with La Tormenta!). Preferably with some clashes with Kuyō and his cronies, and establishing a reputation alongside San as the strongest of Yōkai Academy (which is an actual title given to San in canon).

Side Note: I notice a lot of writers think that the ‘Yōkai‘ in the school name means spirit, or demon. Yes, yōkai is the Japanese pronunciation for the noun 妖怪, which does mean spirit/demon. However, the actual name for the school in the story is 陽海, which is literally ‘sun and sea’. It’s meant as a pun by the mangaka, but since non-Japanese readers won’t understand the kanji and read the romaji instead, it goes unnoticed and (often) misinterpreted. I noticed this because my mother tongue is Chinese, which also helps a lot when I craft jutsu names, because there are a lot of shared characters between Japanese kanji and Chinese.


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