Potential Future FF Projects

I’ve been writing La Tormenta for a while now, and while it’s my main (and only) project, it’s pretty impossible for me to not think of new ideas for stories (or think about old story ideas either). Many of them are just simple ‘what if?’ premises, but to me, some of them have good potential as future works, either by myself or anyone wishing to write it.

I thought it might be nice to get a bit of feedback about some of my better ideas for future projects, and maybe even help me decide what I’ll pick up after La Tormenta by gauging people’s reactions (if any). I would love to bounce ideas off some of you and fix any glaring plot holes even before I’ve started writing any of them.

(That reminds me, I don’t have a beta. I’m not sure if I should even look for one…I’ve been coping fine so far…)

These are definitely post-La Tormenta projects though, as I want to focus on and finish it before I start on another story, possibly not even from this list. Although I’m probably not doing myself any favours by putting all this up online 😀

I’m not asking people to vote for my next work though. I know some ideas may possess more appeal than others, but what I write really depends on how interested I am in starting that particular story, and whether I can keep at it for an extended period of time. I don’t like voting for things like pairings, what-happens-next and things like that, because as a writer, you should be the one setting the direction/pairings and guiding the plot, not your readers.

Of course, I welcome anyone to pick up one of these ideas and turn it into a story (so I have something good to read), so feel free to PM me about adopting one of these ideas 🙂

Canny Tobirama

The Fart That Wasn’tKamikaze

Naruto In KiriFanged

Naruto Is Scar

Naruto Can See Death

Itachi Isn’t Goddamn Emotionless

Another ‘Minato Lives’ Story

Naruto/Rosario+Vampire CrossoverAway

Naruto/To-LOVE-Ru Crossover(s)


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