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Sports Blogging, or Lack Thereof

Well, in the earlier days of my new blogging life, I found myself doing quite a few football or F1 reports. Obviously they are just random collections of my thoughts on the events, discussing individual drivers or footballers and how they did. It was fun, but recently I haven’t written one of those things.

I suppose in some ways, it’s because there’s not much of a point. Sure, it consolidates my views on that particular race or match, but then life moves on and there’s another match, another race to watch. I commentate on Twitter during these sporting events too, so it’s not like I’m not airing my views out there for no one to care about. I’m not even monetising it like sports journalists are, and I write far lengthier reports, albeit I ramble quite a bit and come from a biased viewpoint. Maybe that’s why I can’t be a journalist? Eh.

Then there is the fact that football matches tend to be at night, and when the match is done, I’m pooped and just about ready to crash in bed, drowning in the emotions of the moment (be it anger or elation). F1 has very different air times due to the international nature of the races, but blogging about it isn’t a job; just a desire to rant. So like anything that interests me, that interest fades.

I’ve kept up with the sports blogging for much longer than, say, the politics or the disaster blogging. Mainly because sports can be fun at times, while politics frustrates all the time. And disasters are a dime a dozen; I’m not a one-man newspaper, just an almost-adult who procrastinates too much and has too many opinions on everything. Still keeping up on the film and anime reviews, along with ranting on manga. I guess that’s where my passion lies? I do love entertainment, but then who doesn’t?

(And I barely blog about my life, since the very beginning actually. Not much to say I guess. It’s a pretty typical life of a college student in a middle-class family who has everything he needs, and isn’t doing anything groundbreaking or amazing or contributing to society in a super meaningful way. I save my short, pretty first-world complaints for Twitter, and I just don’t have that much happening in my life to rant at length about. I’m pretty #blessed.)

Finally, football really frustrated me for the past two years. Under Rodgers, it just got stale and awful to the point where I even avoided watching matches. Under Klopp, there were so many magical moments, and so many inconsistent, terrible performances. As a fan, it can be hard to muster up the energy after a roller-coaster of emotions to write a report that I won’t even look back on. My emotional investment in F1 is far less than in Liverpool F.C., but that also means I care less about most of the drivers. All I have is a strong admiration for their skills, horror at the crashes, and a wish to see more overtaking.

So yea, that’s why I’ve really dropped off on sports blogging. I’ll probably write something if Klopp brings us our first European trophy in more than a decade. Maybe later in the year, I’ll complain about how Lewis Hamilton lost the championship to Nico Rosberg because of mechanical unreliability, or marvel at his capacity to win races and make up that enormous deficit. But for now, I’ll rather just stay a fan and pay attention to the matches/races instead of thinking of what to say later.

The Vicissitudes of Football

I haven’t done any post-match blogging recently, and it’s really down to the up-and-down nature of the 2015/16 season for Liverpool.

Rodgers had presided over a pretty mediocre run of form at the start of the season, and the appointment of Klopp was a huge morale booster. But even he can’t wave a magic wand and turn the terribly inconsistent, unbalanced and hodgepodge squad assembled (expensively!) under Rodgers into a title contender within a few months.

So I’ve had to live with good football interspersed between mediocre and downright terrible football. Most of the time, I end up watching the terrible matches, and it just sucks the life out of me. Worse, I expect such performances under Rodgers so I couldn’t be disappointed. But with Klopp and after his masterminding of massive wins over City, Chelsea and Southampton, there’s always the belief that Liverpool are on the up-and-up, and we can actually win football matches. To then watch us lose because of lethargic play, brainless defending or just plain bad football…it really needles.

I’m not a hardcore fan, but I like to believe I’m not a fair-weathered fan either. It’s just difficult to stomach the crushing disappointment in defeat that I can’t muster up the energy to review and write about matches.

Sometimes, I wish I never fell in love with football. I can only hope that with time, Klopp can bring better days back to the football club I support. Maybe then, I’ll find myself blogging incessantly about the next big win.

Liverpool vs. Tottenham Hotspur 17/10/14


First match under Klopp’s reign. I thought about blogging on Rodgers’ sacking and the excitement at finding out we managed to hire friggin’ Jurgen Klopp, but I basically orgasmed all over Twitter already, so it was rather pointless.

But Kloppo’s arrival meant that I quickly rediscovered my love for football, and the match showed some positive signs.


Hungarian Grand Prix 2015

I haven’t posted anything about F1 for a while. This is probably the most apt race to discuss after that hiatus.

And what a race. They talked about the problems facing F1, how it was getting boring and stuff, then Silverstone and the Hungaroring threw the F1 self-deprecating rhetoric right out of the car.

Also, this makes for a perfectly fitting tribute for Jules Bianchi. I remember his really great fighting race to P9 in Monaco, and a chaotic, topsy-turvy race with plenty of overtaking and a track described as Monaco without walls? I’ll take it.