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SanDisk Ultra Flair Thumbdrive

2016-07-29 13.44.54

My old SanDisk Cruzer Force had a problem in that the USB connector would just fall out of the thumbdrive. My dad helped me with gluing it back in, but it’s fallen out thrice now, so I gave up and decided to buy a new thumbdrive. They are dirt cheap these days anyway.


NPKC PBT Front Print Keycaps

2016-07-07 16.50.15

Mechanical keyboards have a pretty large following, and I too was sucked into the world recently. I thought I had all the keyboard goodness I wanted when I bought my Ducky Shine 5, but it turns out that wasn’t enough.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), my Shine 5 uses a standard ANSI profile unlike Razer or Corsair keyboards which have non-standard bottom rows. This meant that buying replacement keycap sets were a breeze, with a huge selection online.


Alzheimer’s and the Brain – Vsauce

Very interesting overview of Alzheimer’s Disease, one of the many poorly understood diseases that afflict us. I only knew about the plague thing a few months ago; the association with Down’s Syndrome, chromosome 21 and the basic pathophysiology I did not. Hopefully with this foundation, we can get a better understanding of the disease and find a solution for preventing, delaying the progression or even curing it.

The New Superbug!

As a pharmacy student, this scares me quite a bit more than it might scare people with less knowledge of medicine. The news of colistin-resistance plasmids appearing in China (due to the feeding of pigs with colistin-laced food) was especially troubling when I first heard it some time ago. Let’s hope more doctors stop prescribing antibiotics needlessly, and more patients take their antibiotics faithfully. Oh, and that farmers stop abusing antibiotics to keep their livestock from falling sick.