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Fairy Tail END

It’s difficult for me to bid Fairy Tail a fond goodbye, given how much it has offended my sensibilities as it wore on, and how much I’ve crapped on it as a result of my annoyance at the series. But it has entertained me in its earlier arcs, and I’ve based my best fanfiction on its world.

So I’ll try to be more objective and push aside my grievances a little as I ramble on about the series that had sort of taken the place of Naruto as one of the big three manga for me.


Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 3rei!!

You know, I don’t even know why I bothered with 3rei!! given how disappointed I was with 2wei! Herz. But this is a decent return to form for the Prisma Illya franchise, even if I was kinda disappointed it didn’t take the risks I had hoped a series with the name Fate in it would take.

As usual, spoilers are ahead.


Nisekoi END

I don’t usually care for rom-coms, and Nisekoi was a stereotypical rom-com harem manga where we have a boy with a crush on a girl and vice versa, but with neither realising each other’s feelings. A whole cast of females fall in love with our oblivious male protagonist, and they go off on their adventures in high school trying to figure relationships out while trying to remember some promise from years ago.