Retail Therapy

Who says money can’t buy happiness?


2017-05-15 15.34.10

I had thrown my money away by recycling most of my headphones, because the PU leather on the headbands were disintegrating and I couldn’t get them replaced. The rubber cable sheath on my ATH-AD900 also broke, which meant that I was effectively down to just my Grado, which isn’t really comfortable for long periods of listening.

I didn’t want to switch fully to IEMs either, because wearing them for long can be uncomfortable sometimes. So, having been previously intrigued by the modular nature of the AIAIAI TMA-2, I decided to go for them.


Fidget Spinner


So I decided to buy into the fad and get one of them fidget spinner thingamajigs. Feeling rich, I went for one with a nicer aluminium body (supposedly), and the online store I bought it from threw in the regular one. I also purposely went for what is a ‘limited edition’ colouration, different from the usual black or gold or whatever.

It’s definitely occupied my hands more than my fidget cube, which is falling apart a little too quickly for my tastes. This particular one I got isn’t exactly a marvel of manufacturing, since one of the black rings kept falling out, and the ball bearings can get caught and prevent a smooth spinning experience.

There’s a shallow learning curve for spinning it at a good clip using just one hand, and I’ve taken it apart more times than I can remember to try fruitlessly to get the ball bearings to stop catching. Otherwise, nothing much to report, really. Can’t see it being any useful for ADHD patients no matter the marketing, but for someone with fidgety fingers like me, it’s pretty nice.

Awaiting the next fad.

All About Watches

My collection of watches just grew bigger by one member. Got this Stuhrling Original Sniper 879.03 watch because it looks great to me, with its floating dial and see-through body. Then I decided I should get a watch box to store my watches, and so I got a watch box with a carbon fibre skin.

That’s all there is to report, really. The watch is more form than function, with few markings for time and no date function. It also has a silicone rubber belt instead of leather, which will probably wear out quickly. It’s also evidently sized for the brand’s local population in the USA, because it was still pretty loose on my wrist when I tightened it to the maximum.

The box came with a few scuffs on the shiny latch, but it’s not really anything to get upset about. And my wrists are probably just too tiny, because the little cushion thing is too big for my chain watch if I fasten it.

And I apparently won a Snorlax plushie buying the box from the store:


It’s huge. I have no idea where to put it. Oh well.

Typewriter Keycaps


As you can see, I bought more keycaps again!

This time though, I bought them off Taobao at this shop. I had actually considered buying them only if the quality was proven okay when I get my Magicforce keyboard from Massdrop (which still hasn’t arrived at the time of writing this), but my sister was going to buy something off Taobao and I decided to just tag along for cheaper shipping.

And…I’m not sure if I’m pleased with the buy.