Pandora’s Box

This is a blog filled with the random musings of yours truly.

The long journey of formal education for me is over, and my immediate goals include finding a stable job and writing a novel. Should that novel be good enough to be published, then I’ll be over the moon, but I harbour no delusions on that front.

Unleashing The Banalities

I write fanfiction, although I procrastinate a lot on that front. Reading fanfiction is a hobby that has replaced reading actual novels, which is something that horrifies and fascinates me. Blame that on my love of manga and anime. Damn the Japanese, making these entertainment products so appealing and engaging. That love will likely be expressed somehow…

I also indulge in American shows, but they can be lengthy and my time is now more often spent on YouTube videos (educational or not) instead. Movies are also my thing, and I’d like to think I’ve watched a lot, but not enough of them. Memento remains my favourite film of all time.

I love football, and support Liverpool Football Club. F1 is also a sport I enjoy watching, but while I lean towards Mercedes, I don’t really have a favourite team at present. Most of the teams have pretty funny Twitter guys, but I’m only following Mercedes and Renault so far. I’ve pretty much stopped all the match/race reports, mainly because it’s a bit tiresome to write.

As a guy, I’m also into cars (hence F1) and technology. Gadgets are my thing; though, many things are my thing. I love science, and there’s always room for that in this eclectic blog. Not to mention my interest in politics and the socio-economics of our world. But I’m shallow too, so there’s a lot less science and politics than I should have.

The Name

Pandora was created by Zeus to punish humanity; her innocent act of opening the box given to her released evils of the world upon the…world, leaving only a sliver of hope behind.

Me? I’m the box of evils, full of misery and suffering. In words. And of course, there is that little slice of hope left in me, a touch of optimism and happiness that desperately tries not to be overwhelmed by the negativity. But like the box Pandora so guilelessly opened, the evils have mostly been unleashed, and what’s left is hope. Not a lot, but some.

Honestly though, that just makes me sound stupid. I don’t really think I’m that ‘edgy’. I’m just your regular nerd who likes to talk about all sorts of nonsensical things. Thank goodness for that.


  1. Hi. I stumbled across this page while roaming through the internet mindlessly. I like your humor. It’s refreshing to find some honesty. Different perspectives are always enjoyable. I’m an aspiring writer too. I have a book that might/might not be published. Crossing fingers that it will. So I can totally relate to the romantic writer… I feel that we’ve probably got a lot in common and I’d like to be friends. Hope that doesn’t sound too weird. I know this is the internet and all, but I’ve really enjoyed your ramblings.


    1. Hi!

      It’s nice to meet another aspiring author, although I must say, I’m nowhere close to even starting a novel, let alone have a book as you do. Good luck with publishing your book!

      I’m glad to see someone enjoys what I post. Surprised, but pleasantly so. I never thought my posts were inspired, but if it works…

      I don’t consider myself humorous, but hey, I’m not going to say ‘no’ to compliments. As for being friends…

      *clears throat, pretends to be cool*

      …sure, if that’s what you wish 😉

      *prays it didn’t sound needy and desperate*


  2. And here I thought I was sounding needy and desperate. Good I’m not alone =)
    Thanks for the luck. I may need it! I’ve been writing so much lately that I’m sick. I’m not sure how much you write in a week, but I’m sure you’ve felt that way before. Either it’s usually writers block or carpal tunnel telling me to back off from the keyboard, but I think I’m literally done with writing for a while.
    Anywho… Never finished a book? It’s painstaking process that I hated every minute of. But the outcome is worth it. You don’t have any awesome ideas just itching to be put on paper?


    1. Definitely! I’ve had far, FAR more writer’s block than carpal tunnel these days though. Distractions in life abound.

      As for writing a book…I’ve had plenty of plot bunnies some time ago, but they never took off. Nowadays nothing comes forth readily. But it’s a hobby I’ve been neglecting, not my lifeline, so I’m not too concerned about the lack of inspiration yet. It’s going to be really hard to pick the pen up (or open a Word document) again later on, but I’ll find a way somehow.


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