Deadpool 2

Bigger. Badder. Funnier.

Deadpool 2 is friggin’ awesome.

Deadpool is a parody of the superhero genre, and basically doubles down on everything that worked so well in the first film. Everything from the action to even the opening scene and credits were super-sized, and somehow it all worked beautifully.

I totally didn’t see some of the plot twists coming, such as Vanessa straight-up getting killed right at the start, or Russell making friends with Juggernaut and becoming basically the villain. Of course, as a parody, it was ridiculously clear that even though the film mocks elements of the genre, it was also going to use those elements.

Cable as the early antagonist who had to team up with Deadpool? Check. Showing that there’s a maximum security prisoner held somewhere conspicuous? Check. Forming a super team and going through their list of powers (see: Suicide Squad)? Check. The X-Men showing up to help save the day? Check. Cable doing the ‘right thing’ and saving Deadpool by using up his last shot at time-travel? Check. Deadpool giving a lengthy death speech? Check.

But Deadpool 2 still manages to subvert most of that. The Cable team-up was pretty much expected since they teamed up in the comics. Deadpool breaks the fourth wall to remind us that mentioning the super-max cell is blatant foreshadowing. The X-Force all died pretty gruesome and funny deaths right after formation. Heck, Colossus got tossed around pretty bad too, and the way they beat Juggernaut was just crass and totally what the movie demanded. And Deadpool was hilarious as he tried to wait out his death that dragged on for just too long.

The non-stop references to itself and the incredible self-deprecation by Ryan Reynolds continued unabated. The end credits where Deadpool killed his previous iteration and then Ryan Reynolds as he held the Green Lantern script was just hilarious. Watching Deadpool cozy up to Colossus after he gets stabbed in the head like he was in the last movie was just epic (also that ass-grab in the X-Mansion…mm-mm!). And there was the superhero landing. And that reference to strap-ons. And his baby legs instead of his baby hand. It’s all one big inside joke. Maximum pop culture…I mean, MAXIMUM EFFORT.

And that’s not even mentioning the cameos. Loved the X-Men cameo as they closed the door while Deadpool was ranting about how Fox couldn’t afford more X-Men. But that Brad Pitt appearance as Vanisher was just brilliant.

Of course, there’s a ton of CGI fighting, which is par for the course. The plot ends up being pretty simple again, and the twists were mostly predictable. But that’s the beauty of Deadpool. It’s an incredibly well made parody of the superhero shtick that contains all the elements of said shtick, which gives nerds like me all the benefits of watching a superhero flick, without having to defend our nerdness by claiming that the movie is in fact a mockery of the genre. And it always helps that the film is just downright hilarious.

So forget all the feels you got from Avengers: Infinity War. Let the beauty of the film come out the ashes of the haters.

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