Plextor M8Pe(G)

2017-03-31 14.30.54

To an average consumer like me, a SATA SSD is more than enough speed. But I only got 250GB of SSD storage, and my games were still running off HDDs. The allure of an upgrade to an NVMe drive was too great.

But instead of going with Samsung for my storage needs again, I went with Plextor instead.

One of the main reasons why I got this Plextor M8Pe(G) is the cost. For the 512GB version, it’s around S$30 cheaper than the Samsung 960 EVO. Then, during Lazada’s birthday sale, the distributor for Plextor was selling the drive for another S$30 cheaper. Coupled with a sale coupon, it cost me only S$270, which is only a few dollars off the usual price of a 512GB 850 EVO. Given the performance of NVMe drives is almost double that of SATA, it seems a no brainer.

Secondly, the Plextor has received good reviews. This version also has a thin aluminium heatsink, which is likely more robust for heat transfer than Samsung’s copper sheet concept. This is pretty important, as the M.2 slot on my motherboard is right under the GPU, which isn’t great.

Finally, this NVMe drive is using MLC, which is faster and more durable than the TLC Samsung uses. Granted, performance wise the 960 EVO is on par, even better than a lot of other competitors. But the 5 year warranty vs the 960 EVO’s 3 year warranty makes the M8Pe(G) a really, really good deal in my mind.

I considered getting the M8Pe(Y), which is the version that uses a half-height, half-length (HHHL) PCIe add-in card. But that thing has red LEDs on its side that can’t be turned off, isn’t available in Singapore (other than via Newegg), and is quite a bit more costly given the various discounts I got on the (G). No regrets there.

2017-03-31 18.52.58

My R9 390 had died recently, and was off for repairs. This meant that the M.2 slot was exposed, which made upgrading easier. And about the time my R9 390 returned to my hands, I had basically finished up my semester, with only finals left to worry about. So I decided to jump straight in and install everything.

Of course, being so gung-ho about moving over to my new drive meant that I ran into installation problems. My 850 EVO was supposed to be a storage drive for my games, but because I reformatted it using my Windows installation media and it was still disk0 in my system, the boot manager was on the 850 EVO rather than my M8Pe.

Installation of Windows went smoother the 2nd time, but I totally forgot about the Skyrim data files I moved onto my NVMe drive (in hopes of eking out more performance). That meant I had to reinstall all 100+ mods I had. Well, I did want a clean install…

Windows 10 also had to have all its updates installed to access my Storage Space, but because I had no idea, I tried to fix one of the drives using some instructions online. That only screwed things up further, and I had to back up all that data and reset the Storage Space.

Then after all that, my PC decided that BSODs were the order of the day. They usually involved FLTMGR.sys, which is due to some drive issue. Nothing seems to be wrong though, so I’m praying it’s not an overheating issue because the M8Pe runs HOT. It idles at 50 degrees Celsius and maxes out at 70 degrees Celsius, which is the rated max operating temperature. But then, I do have a solid 5 year warranty, so that’s not really a massive issue. I hope.

Other than that, it’s been okay so far. The PC boots up just a little faster, everything runs a little quicker, and gaming is SO much faster though to be fair, it probably would be just as fast on a SATA SSD. I didn’t really notice any thermal throttling, so the only other issue I have is that it’s using a green PCB, but that’s mostly hidden by the heatsink anyway. So it shouldn’t be too much of an eyesore if and when I change my motherboard and use it on an M.2 slot that’s not underneath the hottest piece of hardware in my system.

So, all in all a pretty frivolous buy. But I would probably have no need to upgrade my PC’s storage options in any way whatsoever for the next five years.

Until I run out of space I guess. I can never seem to have enough terabytes…



  1. Ooooh, that’s an awesome deal on that SSD; here I am with just a 240GB Adata 😦 Do you game a lot on your PC – I see that you have an R9 390. I rock a 1060 6GB in “Project Drair” (name of my PC – specs can be found on my blog) and I find that it performs great.


    1. I haven’t been gaming a lot for a couple of years until recently, when I got my new PC. MacBooks aren’t really great for gaming πŸ˜› So yea, a lot more gaming recently, although sometimes I feel like I’m more interested in building PCs than actually using them. Hoping to earn and save enough for a Vega GPU in the near future (if it turns out good).


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