Sound BlasterX Siege M04

2017-03-18 14.39.07.jpg

I’m no mouse connoisseur, but I’d like to think that this is a pretty good mouse.

I’m probably just blinded by the gorgeous RGB lighting though.

I do like my Ducky Secret, but there’s always that niggling feeling at the back of my head telling me that it has pretty limited RGB options and that I should buy a mouse with better ergonomics and great lighting.

My mind was split between the Logitech G502 and this. From reviews, Creative seems to have taken cues from the G502 in terms of its shape. Otherwise, it has better lighting, no weights to tune the feel of the mouse, and has less buttons. I was also pretty interested in the infinite scrolling of the G502. But in the end, the cheaper Siege M04 went into my shopping cart.

My immediate impression is that it’s a lot more ergonomic than the fatter Ducky Secret. I’m no judge of how good the buttons are in comparison, but they are solid. The scroll wheel has steps too, but they are a lot less obtrusive and that gives a smoother scrolling experience which I like. The cloth-wrapped cable is a lot nicer than the rubberised one on the Secret, and the rubber textured sides feel really nice, but I’m not sure how long that’ll last compared to the all PBT body of the Secret.

I liked that the Secret was all hardware based settings, but there’s a far greater element of customisation with software. Creative’s software looks pretty barebones currently, but at least I can do macros, fine-tune the DPI settings, and so on. And I can save the profile on the mouse itself, which is good.

The all-around lighting looks gorgeous, although I wish the logo and the scroll wheel were configurable too. Given that the logo could change colours when I was updating the mouse’s firmware, I’m pretty certain a software update is all that is required. It feels a bit limited in the number of lighting styles, with only 4 as of now (Solid, Pulsate, Wave, Mood). But I can configure the different lighting zones (probably corresponding to individual LEDs), and that’s a lot more customisation than can be said for the Secret. The RGB colours aren’t exactly the most accurate though, and it’s a little disappointing in that regard. Still, that rainbow wave setting is just beautiful.

So yea, not the most sensible purchase. But for aesthetics, for ergonomics, and for that sweet, sweet retail therapy feeling, this was pretty worthwhile.

I have to say though…marketing gaming paraphernalia under the Sound Blaster brand just seems weird.


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