Sound BlasterX G5

2017-03-18 14.40.12.jpg

So this is actually less of an impulse buy than usual.

I’ve been using my Sound Blaster E5 hooked up to my computer for quite some time now, and recently I realised that the internal battery has started to balloon and cause the E5 to bulge. So I promptly threw it into a recycling bin and decided to buy a replacement because I really liked the Sound Blaster processing.

The G5 is basically the gaming, no battery version of the E5, and I’m okay with that. It has all the same features, but the dual headphone outs are now a headphone and a microphone jack; the switches are now for switching profiles and to toggle Scout Mode; the lights are to indicate while profile is being used, and the Sound BlasterX logo is lit. Also, there’s now a red LED around the volume knob to indicate the volume, which is really nice.

The G5 was only really missing the stand that the E5 comes with, but for about $50 less, I think that’s a fair trade-off. The G5 can also do virtual 7.1 surround sound too, which is a little gimmicky, but is better than nothing.

So essentially, the G5 is a like-for-like replacement for the E5 for my purposes, with a bit more gamer bling. Worth it.


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