IKBC PBT Rainbow Keycaps

2017-03-17 20.39.08.jpg

MORE keycaps, you say?

Yes, it appears that this hobby never ends.

So I’ve been eyeing a set of PBT shine-through rainbow keycaps for my Magicforce-68 for a while now, mainly because using the original typewriter keycaps or the white PBT keycaps is kinda boring and doesn’t match the whole RGB setup I have going on. The white PBT keycaps were also not shine-through, which made the LEDs a little more redundant.

They arrived in a ziplock bag with a plastic key puller. Nothing fancy. The keycaps themselves felt a little dirty, but nothing a little cloth and water couldn’t fix. They look a little dull, but that’s probably due to the rougher texture of the material. The legends are similar to those of my Ducky Shine 5, which are keycaps that have not seen the light of day for a long while. It’s a lot nicer than the Captor-branded ones I see on Massdrop.

Some of the keys didn’t seem to align perfectly straight (like the RCtrl), but it’s doubleshot so at least the legends will never wear out. On my Magicforce-68, the Alt and Fn keycaps are on the wrong switches because of the colour. That was one problem I didn’t foresee, but given that these keycaps are usually printed with a standard layout, it’s probably one I would’ve encountered no matter what.

Otherwise, these keycaps look pretty great, and I might put them on my Shine 5 next time. I managed to get a 108-key version just for that purpose, but it’ll probably look weird if I used any LED colour other than white. For now, I’ll keep them on my Magicforce and continue to marvel at my incredible ability to spend money on the most frivolous things.


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