Fidget Cubes

2017-03-17 20.40.40

So I decided to do some retail therapy and bought fidget cubes to play with.

The white one was the impulse buy that I realised might have been a mistake when the shipping details didn’t appear in my email inbox at all. It was a little annoying, but given the far lower cost compared to the original, and with the knowledge that it’s from China, I just let it be and assumed that the product wasn’t coming.

So I went and looked for a more reputable local shop with local shipping, and jumped on it. I plumped for the red and black version, along with the case for a couple more dollars, and eagerly anticipated the arrival of the purchase.

Then, suddenly, I received an email telling me the first cube had shipped. The regret was real, but I just shrugged and moved on. Being so careless with my money is a really bad habit I’ve picked up recently, and I really need to kick before I turn into a spendthrift.

Then, both cubes arrived, and I could actually make some comparisons. The red and black cube is probably closer to the original, with a proper vinyl exterior, a clickable roll ball (which is offered by the original), and is slightly bigger. The spinning wheel isn’t exactly the smoothest experience, but it’s usable. However, the case is just horrid, with a basic piece of foam with a square hole that doesn’t fit the cube.

The one from China has a plastic exterior, a roll wheel that doesn’t click, stiff rolling gears, a clickable joystick of all things, and all the five clickable buttons are clicky. Honestly, I prefer having all the buttons being clicky, but the rest of the product is clearly a fake. They also have a lanyard loop, but I failed to threat the lanyard through the loop and gave up.

Of all the sides, I think I prefer the joystick and the rolling gears/balls the most. Then it would be the worry stone side, which feels really nice with the vinyl surface cube. Frankly, I thought I would be enamoured by the switch, but other sides have appealed to me more.

So do I find the cubes fun to play with? Yea, especially when I’m watching YouTube videos and my hands have nothing better to do. Will the novelty wear off? Maybe, but it’s going to sit on my desk, so I’m guessing they’ll still get plenty of attention. Was it worth the cost? Well, counting the cost of both cubes together, it still costs less than if I got it from the legitimate US source, so really, it’s all fine and dandy.

Let’s just hope they don’t break that quickly from all that fidgeting.

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