Akame ga Kiru! END

Another good one bites the dust. But at least this one didn’t end in a confusing, shortened mess that didn’t address any of the gaping plot holes or creating fanfiction pairings a la Harry Potter.

I’m looking at you, Bleach.

I love Akame ga Kiru! because it didn’t waste time throwing us into the thick of things. There’s some exposition, but that gave away to action quickly, and boy is the action relentless.

There’s also a hard rule in the series: no one is safe. Well, Akame did survive, and so did Tatsumi, but generally, protagonists are not exempt from dying. That puts in a very different sort of position from regular shonen where heroes never die (unless, rarely, in a blaze of glory). It immediately made me think of A Song of Ice and Fire, and this ‘realism’ can really help with the suspension of disbelief.

It was obviously going to end with a victory for Night Raid. That was never in question. But the victory was also never going to be so clean and simple, where the heroes would stand tall and triumphant, if tired, over their beaten enemies. Here, it was a Pyrrhic victory, and the story feels far more grounded as a result.

The ‘epilogue’ was still rather cheesy, I must admit. Tatsumi and Mine staying together despite his dragon form, him having knocked her up after one night, Kurome and Wave being together, Akame seeking a cure…it felt complete, and it felt right to give these characters their happy endings. But it also felt against the grain of the series, and while satisfying wasn’t exactly great. Also, that Tatsumi/Esdeath thing never really culminated in much, but then it would somewhat defeat the purpose of having a series that focuses on the team rather than individuals.

Anyway, the characters were fun and unique, even if not always very deep. The action was great, without too much fluff or page-filling ‘special effects’ that mimic Hollywood’s frenetic and multiple cuts and explosions, and it didn’t drag when it didn’t have to. There’s something to be admired about a story that knows how to come to a natural end.

So yea, glad it ended, but sad to see it go.


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