All About Watches

My collection of watches just grew bigger by one member. Got this Stuhrling Original Sniper 879.03 watch because it looks great to me, with its floating dial and see-through body. Then I decided I should get a watch box to store my watches, and so I got a watch box with a carbon fibre skin.

That’s all there is to report, really. The watch is more form than function, with few markings for time and no date function. It also has a silicone rubber belt instead of leather, which will probably wear out quickly. It’s also evidently sized for the brand’s local population in the USA, because it was still pretty loose on my wrist when I tightened it to the maximum.

The box came with a few scuffs on the shiny latch, but it’s not really anything to get upset about. And my wrists are probably just too tiny, because the little cushion thing is too big for my chain watch if I fasten it.

And I apparently won a Snorlax plushie buying the box from the store:


It’s huge. I have no idea where to put it. Oh well.


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