Month: October 2016

Portal 2

Valve, you amazing game makers you!



Logan – Trailer

Wolverine is the sort of character that’s supposed to be ill-fitting in the X-Men family, but sometimes the films forget about it. His is the sort of character that will do great in a gritty, down-to-earth story, alone against the world. But we only got X-Men: Origins and Wolverine as standalone films. While the former was bad and the latter was okay, it’s not really delving into the complexities of the character or doing anything other than making an action flick and squeezing as much money out of fans as the studios can.

But this, oh man.

Logan is based off, as we’ve all hoped, the Old Man Logan storyline where Wolverine is old and his powers are fading. And given the tone of the trailer, it’s exactly the kind of movie that Wolverine is made for. Hugh Jackman can also finally stretch some acting muscles with this movie, and it’ll be a fitting end for what must be one of the longest runs for an actor in a character ever.

At least, I hope Wolverine dies and ends his arc here. They can reboot him a couple of years down the line, but let’s at least see Hugh Jackman a shot at making Wolverine more than just an antihero who’s less anti and too much hero.