Typewriter Keycaps


As you can see, I bought more keycaps again!

This time though, I bought them off Taobao at this shop. I had actually considered buying them only if the quality was proven okay when I get my Magicforce keyboard from Massdrop (which still hasn’t arrived at the time of writing this), but my sister was going to buy something off Taobao and I decided to just tag along for cheaper shipping.

And…I’m not sure if I’m pleased with the buy.

They came in a box that suffered quite a bit from the shipping, but nothing was damaged so that’s good. I got 4 extra keycaps (in the ziplock) because my Ducky has 108 keys, and it also came with a tiny brush for cleaning. Nice touch.

They look gorgeous, but while the keycaps are made of ABS, the legends are pad-printed (according to Massdrop, who have a drop on them currently). That means they’ll wear out quickly, which is a little sad. Also, they are not chrome-plated as Massdrop claims, but are just silver plastic rings around the main keycap body that can come off.

They have this odd rectangular stem rather than a simple round stem like for most other keycaps (and their own key stabiliser stems). It’s supposed to fit snugly to the switch, but this caused problems for me because the + and Enter keys for my number pad have switches installed sideways. This meant that the rectangular stem can’t slide into the switch, rendering it basically impossible to even fit on.

I busted out a file from somewhere, and with way too much force for my liking, I managed to put those keycaps on in a somewhat acceptable manner. It’s a pretty poor solution, as long as the keyboard isn’t damaged, it’ll suffice.

I didn’t do much typing on it before I swapped my PBT keycaps back on, but from what I see others say on Massdrop, apparently those stems can catch on switches. I can’t say either way. Will probably update once I get my Magicforce.

The legends are also strange, as the printed the secondary keys on the left of the primary keys. That’s a little counter-intuitive, and while I could turn the entire key upside down to make it look more natural, they wouldn’t line up with other keys because the printing isn’t dead centre.

So all in all, not the greatest set of keycaps I’ve ever bought. It’s great for the looks, and I’ll probably still use them in rotation with my other keycaps, but the shortcomings may not justify the expense. Thankfully I got them off Taobao and not Massdrop; it’s nearly double the price.


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