Month: September 2016

Magicforce-68 Keyboard

2016-09-30 16.15.04.jpg

It’s finally here!



Typewriter Keycaps


As you can see, I bought more keycaps again!

This time though, I bought them off Taobao at this shop. I had actually considered buying them only if the quality was proven okay when I get my Magicforce keyboard from Massdrop (which still hasn’t arrived at the time of writing this), but my sister was going to buy something off Taobao and I decided to just tag along for cheaper shipping.

And…I’m not sure if I’m pleased with the buy.


A Poster Update

2016-09-06 16.14.542016-09-06 16.14.46

Went to IKEA and got some frames for my posters. It’s the Marietorp frame, which was pretty much the cheapest poster frame I could find from there. It’s not of the best quality, but it works just fine.

Trying to put my posters in straight was an exercise in hell, and I’m still quite sure some of them are a little crooked inside. My dad helped me mount them, and they look much better than without frames. That, and the Blue-tack was just useless at holding the posters up.