It seems a little dumb for me to build a gaming PC but not actually play games. Of course, I want to, but I often spend my time re-reading fanfiction instead of playing games, or catching up on movies or TV shows.

(Yea, I’m a weirdo.)

Anyway, I recently bought a whole bunch of games during Steam’s Summer Sale, and I decided randomly to just give Portal a go. And man oh man, am I glad I bought the game and played it.

It’s a puzzle game with a brilliant concept of creating portals to reach your next destination and achieve your objectives, with a pretty dark and compelling story behind the seemingly normal beginning. It’s not fiendishly difficult or anything; just a little challenging enough for the casual gamer to sink their teeth into.

The first levels are pretty simple, and even the later ones weren’t too difficult. Some required a bit of skill, but you mostly get plenty of time to survey the situation and come up with a plan. That being said, I feel like I didn’t really play the game optimally, with several lucky moments.

Dying was a common occurrence as I got deeper into the game, but I did manage to finish the main story in about 4 hours, so I don’t think I did too bad. That said, I haven’t given the advanced maps or the challenge a go yet.

I love how the game presents to you puzzles that you have to solve with just the portal gun and your wits. What you learned in previous levels can then be applied to future levels, and that gives the game continuity. I also adore how the room itself is the puzzle, and you have to figure out how to navigate through the place with what little you have.

All in all, it gave me a few good hours of entertainment. Portal 2, here I come! (Eventually)


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