Fairy Tail 498

I haven’t had a good rant about Fairy Tail in a while, mainly because it’s not worth a lengthy whine in a blog post. But this…this is stupid. This is a level of stupid that makes me struggle to think of anything more stupid.

I’m fine with Invel using magic to lock Juvia and Gray into a death match. I’m fine with Invel having said magic, which clearly isn’t part of his usual repertoire. I’m even fine with the bullshit about how Invel wants the ‘darkness’ to consume Gray and for Gray to be the one to kill Zeref rather than Natsu (whuuuuttt?).

But why did Brandish just suddenly appear to take Lucy and Natsu away? If Brandish is back on Zeref’s side, she’ll just go ahead and help kill Lucy and Natsu. If she’s still on Fairy Tail’s side, why would she just take out two members from the fight and allow Invel to force that death match? What, to ‘protect’ Natsu and Lucy from death at Invel’s hands when they are in the fight for their lives anyway?!?!

There’s having an emotional response to the battle, and there’s the shittiest plot device I’ve ever seen to enable Invel forcing Juvia and Gray to fight. This offends my sensibilities as a reader, as a writer, and as a person who consumes any form of entertainment.

The stupid level here is just…mind-boggling. No explanation that Brandish gives later on for taking Lucy and Natsu away will ever cleanse Fairy Tail of this stain. It’s straight up the dumbest, most obvious, most patronising plot device I’ve yet seen.

I’m so shocked that Mashima-sensei expects readers to accept this that I’m not even mad. Worse, forums seem to indicate that fans think this is a good chapter.

I give up.


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