Inked and Screened Patent Prints

2016-08-18 11.55.422016-08-18 11.55.52

Finally got my Inked and Screened posters in.

I haven’t had posters on my walls for years, but when I saw these on Massdrop, I knew I wanted the typewriter and mechanical switch posters. The Aston Martin poster was also something I wanted, but since the posters were going to be on opposite walls, it would make sense to have a fourth poster to even things up and fill up the spaces. It didn’t make sense to buy another poster separately, so I just picked the one I liked the most out of the rest of the options for that particular drop, and it turned out to be for headphones.

I really want the typewriter poster because I love reading and writing, and the mechanical switch one is the modern equivalent. Plus I’m a bit obsessed with mechanical keyboard stuff recently. The car needs no explanation; Aston Martins are still my favourite car brand for their design. I’d like to think that a patent print for a car is a more sophisticated version of a teenage boy’s car poster.

I wanted a bit more colour and contrast than just blue(prints) for the background, so I picked the chalkboard styles for the Aston and the typewriter. Chalkboard for the typewriter because it’s an older invention, and for the Aston because it’s a drawing rather than necessarily something that resembles a patent filing.

I wanted to frame them, but IKEA doesn’t have frames that fit the posters nicely. So I’ve put them up with Blue-tack temporarily, although given my laziness, it’ll probably end up as the permanent solution.

…man, do they look good.


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