Honest Trailers – Watchmen

To be honest (…haha…), I actually liked Watchmen. It was a very cynical  and grounded take on the superhero genre, and Zack Snyder does do some great visuals. Of course, the excessive amounts of gore and slow-mo and sex was a little cringe-worthy, but the characters were excellent. All of them were deep, three-dimensional characters (except for maybe Silk Spectre II, who is flawed in a very stereotypical and annoying way) with interesting motivations and individual personalities.

Obviously that’s because it’s adapted from the graphic novel, which is apparently one of the greatest of all time. Never read it myself, but I can totally see why people would love it.

But 300 was probably the pinnacle for Snyder. That was a graphic novel that lent itself to his style of slow-mo and glory shots. Not Watchmen, not Man of Steel, not Bvs, and certainly not Justice League. We’ll see how he does.


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