Yet Another Toy

2016-07-29 18.40.49

Just bought a random microscope off the internet for about $20. It works via USB, and can be used to take pictures or videos. I have no idea whether it really is 1000X zoom, but it doesn’t seem like it. I can see the pores on my hands quite clearly though.

Maybe it’s due to me having not explored the software enough. I dunno, a part of me feels apprehensive, because it could be malware. But fingers crossed, it’s not stealing my information.

Resolution is so-so. The LEDs inside are quite bright, and adjustable too. It’s one of those novelty things I decided to just buy because it looks like it could be amusing. The retort stand is okay; I got the adjustable stand version. It’s not the most stable thing in the world, but then I’m not expecting miracles.

If someone wants to buy it, it’s the XCSource TE389. That is all.

2016-07-29 19.12.58


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