SanDisk Ultra Flair Thumbdrive

2016-07-29 13.44.54

My old SanDisk Cruzer Force had a problem in that the USB connector would just fall out of the thumbdrive. My dad helped me with gluing it back in, but it’s fallen out thrice now, so I gave up and decided to buy a new thumbdrive. They are dirt cheap these days anyway.

SanDisk is ubiquitous when it comes to thumbdrives, so I got myself another one of those. This time, I snagged an Ultra Flair, which is like my old Cruzer Force in that it has a nice metal body. But the Ultra Flair is a USB3.0 drive rather than a 2.0, and it’s rated for 150MB/s transfer speeds (faster than the Ultra, but slower than the Extreme). Real world speeds are another thing altogether though…

Didn’t want to get an OTG type, because I currently have an S7 that uses microUSB, but phones in the future might use Type-C instead. Also, I already have a 64GB microSD card in my phone, so it would be pretty useless to me.

I got a 32GB one because I didn’t see the need for a 64GB or 128GB. Cost me only $10. It has happily replaced my Cruzer Force on my key-ring. The one thing that makes me less confident is that the hook portion is plastic and not integrated with the body of the drive like the Cruzer Force.

Oh well, they ARE cheap. Cheaper than a meal at a restaurant by several-fold. I’ll just buy another when it breaks. Hurray for consumerism!


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