A Bunch of Comic-Con DC Movie Trailers

A whole bunch of trailers for DC just dropped. And they look pretty good.

The Marmite nature of BvS turned me off the DC film universe for a bit, and kinda dampened my hype for Suicide Squad. But the new trailer for Suicide Squad looks really, really good. I just hope the movie can live up to the hype it’s built.

As for the main Justice League stuff, the trailers look pretty good too. Wonder Woman has some very nice fight choreography, and the one-liners dropped by Gal Gadot are very, very on point. A strong female superhero leading a major film of her own is sorely needed.

As for Justice League itself? Well, it definitely increased the fun factor over BvS (which I haven’t actually watched but have heard enough about). But it feels like every team-up these days needs a kid who’s a bit out of place to add levity. Marvel is doing it with Spider-Man and did it incredibly well in Civil War. DC is using The Flash, but the line about needing friends…bleh. That sort of ‘nerd joke’ isn’t really funny. Play up the excitement of The Flash joining a super-team, not his desperation to fit in. That can come in his solo movie or whatever.

Finally, The LEGO Batman Movie. We were all looking forward to this after the epic LEGO Movie, and this looks like it’s going to be a BLAST.

Still think the Marvel stuff is going to be better, but DC might just give them a run for their money.


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