Wooden Alarm Clock

2016-07-23 11.14.36

Wanted a clock on my desk to check the time with. I was considering either a cheapo wooden clock like the one above, or one of those fancy LED word clocks that tell the time with text. Eventually, given the price of those word clocks that I would have to buy from the US and the fact that they aren’t actually convenient, just pretty, I plumped for the cheapo wooden clock.

It works well enough. People online have mentioned its heavy battery drain, so I stuck to running it off USB. I just needed something to check the time with, since checking the time in the corner of my screen is bothersome, and even more so when I’m playing games or watching videos fullscreen.

The one sent to me has damage on the top left-hand corner. Well, it’s cheap and I wasn’t expecting great quality anyway. It serves its purpose well enough, and the damage gives it character (or so I say to convince myself).

It has quite a few functions though, to be fair. You can set three alarms (with a weekend mode), rotate the display to show date/time occasionally, a battery-saving mode where you use sound above 60dB to light the clock up, and apparently it will reduce its brightness by half at night.

Even if it did reduce the brightness at night, it’s still brighter than I thought. But it doesn’t affect me too much, and I surmise I’ll get used to it before long. The thing is quite loud when I’m pressing through the settings, so I think the alarm volume will be quite loud too. I tried to adjust the brightness down (there are 3 levels), but it readjusted back to the brightest setting after a while. So that’s a bust. Maybe it only works with batteries rather than USB power, who knows.

Gladly, it doesn’t draw enough power from the USB port on my motherboard that it can’t keep running when the computer is asleep. Could well be an internal battery keeping things ticking over (haha…), but I can’t be bothered to test that out. As long as it works for my needs, who cares about the rest, eh?


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