Ergonomic Foot Rest

2016-07-21 15.49.25

I sometimes have terrible backaches after sitting at my desk for long hours in bad postures. So I decided to raise the height of my chair, consciously remind myself to sit straighter, and bought a foot rest so my feet won’t be dangling uncomfortably off the ground.

This particular foot rest has a three-step height adjustment, and the platform pivots freely so I don’t have to set a fixed angle. It’s a lot bigger than I had expected it to be, but that’s fine. That’s about it, really. I thought of buying the DAGOTTO from IKEA, but that one has no height adjustment, and I can’t get it at the IKEA store near my house, so I didn’t bother.

Here’s to better postures and a sedentary lifestyle!

UPDATE: I’ve realised that since the top platform is actually supported in the middle rather than on the sides, it isn’t entirely stable all the time. Also, it can creak alarmingly at times, so I’m a bit worried about longevity. But whatever, it’s good enough for now.


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