A World in Chaos

It’s been quite a terrible 2016 for the world at large. The worldwide phenomenon of Pokémon GO and it’s uniting impact can’t hold a candle to countless terror attacks, increasing violence between protesters and police in the US, war in Syria and South Sudan, the Zika virus, and more problems to list than I can remember.

Apathy has unfortunately set in for me. With the daily grind of the 24-hour news cycle and the repetitive nature of such issues, tragedies become regular occurrences. I see such news, feel a bout of sympathy and horror for victims, and I move on with my own life, in my own little bubble.

And when things like celebrity feuds or the latest Donald Drumpf controversy take up as much airtime as other, more important issues, then it just heightens the sense that these tragedies are not worthy of more attention.

I feel physically detached from a lot of these issues too, since they are so far away from me. I don’t feel the violence and the fear personally, and that’s a problem. It’s why so many people don’t care about global issues; because there’s no personal impact. Raising awareness about these problems may help, but it can only do so much. Moreover, some people go on social media to ‘raise awareness’ in order to look like they are sympathetic and caring, trying to gain attention instead of truly contributing.

At this point, I don’t know what to do or think, really. I can sympathise, but that’s not helpful. I can ‘raise awareness’, but my impact is minimal. Maybe I should just stay away from such commentary instead; it will certainly make me feel less depressed about the current state of world affairs.

This is supposedly a more peaceful time than at any point in human history. It sure doesn’t feel like it.


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