Velcro Cable Ties

2016-07-12 16.15.19

Nothing much to say other than these Velcro cable ties are probably the best ‘tech’ purchase I’ve made in the last few months. I went ahead and bought 100 of these because it was cheaper than if I had bought 10 bundles of 10. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t need 100 of them, but I think it was pretty worthwhile.

I wanted to buy these quite some time ago, since those reusable twist ties are not that good at managing cable mess. When I built my PC, cable management was so much easier when I used the Velcro cable ties provided with my Seasonic PSU, and the built-in ones with my Fractal R5.

But it wasn’t until I bought my new monitor that the cable management issue really started to irk me. The USB and DisplayPort cables provided by Dell were of decent length, but didn’t come with twist ties to help with organisation. The back of my monitor looked like a badly organised rat’s nest of cables already; more cable mess was just intolerable.

I didn’t have any twist ties big enough to organise those thick, heavy duty cables. So I decided to get those Velcro cable ties. But the first online shop I bought it from failed to deliver them, which delayed things by more than a month. I bought a more expensive set of 100, and that took another half a month or so.

But after what felt like an age, I finally got the Velcro cable ties I wanted to organise the cables. I used them with the monitor cables, with my headphone cables, with charging cables, and basically just replaced some of the twist ties with these. I have half a mind to open up my PC and do a bit more cable management, but it looks fine now, so I’ll probably do it when I do any modifications or upgrading of components.


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