The Big Bang Theory Seasons 8&9

So I decided to catch up on with some TV shows.

The Big Bang Theory had a very interesting premise at its inception, but it has gotten stale as its run continued. Seasons 8 and 9 have their moments, but generally, it’s been a little lacking.

I mean, I can’t be overly critical about what is essentially nerd sitcom. I watch it for laughs, not for the plot. But then, the laughs have been lacking a little in season 8, although the jokes were better in season 9. I feel like it’s a combination of the jokes being tired tropes harping about the eccentricities of each character, and the fact that the plot has moved on from them just being socially awkward nerds to a more traditional sitcom about relationships.

There is clearly not a lot of character development other than for Penny, who seems to have grown a more mature side to her. Everyone else seems pretty much the same throughout the 2 seasons I caught up on, and a ton of jokes hinged on that. And more than a few jokes fell flat for me because I felt like it was just characters being mean and bullying one another. There’s a lack of genuine comedy, and while there were quite a few good sarcastic one-liners, a comedy they do not make.

As for the plot, it seems like just the natural progression of things. Howard and Bernadette were the first to get married, so they were the first to get pregnant. Penny and Leonard were the second couple to get engaged, so got married next. Amy and Sheldon’s relationship had to evolve eventually, so that ended with them finally having sex. Sure, there were obstacles for each of them to overcome. But it was nothing too radical, just regular things that couples go through and argue about and we laugh at because the lines are kinda funny.

I mean, I can’t say I didn’t have fun watching it, because I did chuckle and laugh here and there. My family can attest to that. But it just didn’t feel as engaging as the earlier seasons did because the characters remained mostly the same, with Penny the main grower and changer. Sheldon has his moments, but they are often episodic instead.

I guess it will be much harder to make jokes about a bunch of maturing couples rather than a bunch of nerds doing nerd things and being socially awkward and eccentric, but then maybe they should stop constantly making sequels to everything and do it the British way where they make quality shows and stop when they’ve expended all their creative juices to make it the best they can.

But then, there will always be an audience. And I mean, I still watch it, so I guess I’m a hypocrite? Eh, I’m comfortable with that.


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