Some Frivolous Spending

2016-07-02 15.48.18

Once I finished my 6-week preceptorship, I found myself with a lot of free time. I told myself I was going to use it productively, but ended up spending that time on online shopping for frivolous things. I have some keycap sets for my mechanical keyboard on their way, so while they’re in the mail, I thought I might talk about the other random things I bought.

Above are a UV flashlight and a pen, respectively. The UV flashlight, or blacklight as some might call it, is one of the more pointless things I’ve bought. It has a seriously bright array of 21 UV LEDs that allow me to make some things glow in the dark. Hurray!

The pen is a bit more useful though. It’s a 6-in-1 pen that I saw some tech channel on YouTube talk about in one of those ‘X Things Under $Y’ type videos. The one that was recommended in the video was the Olixar HexStyli 6-in-1 Pen, but it was pretty expensive direct from their website.

So I found some knockoff for half the price, and just went for it. It’s still pretty expensive for a pen (about S$10), but it does have quite a few functions. First of all, it’s a pen. Writes just fine; I’m not a pen aficionado, so it’s not my place to comment on how smooth it writes and whatnot.

Along its body is a tiny ruler of 3in/7cm. Then, that little window in the pen body? That’s a level, to check if something is aligned straight. At the top is a stylus, and unscrewing the stylus gives you a screwdriver beneath. The screwdriver has two heads; a flat-head and a cross-head. The stylus cap/tip/whatever can also be screwed on the pen end, so as to make stylus use more natural. So all in all, quite a useful little tool. It’s not a multi-tool or a Swiss Army knife, but I have those already anyway.

So yea, frivolous spending, lots of online browsing, nothing productive done. Here’s to another lazy summer!


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