Month: July 2016

SanDisk Ultra Flair Thumbdrive

2016-07-29 13.44.54

My old SanDisk Cruzer Force had a problem in that the USB connector would just fall out of the thumbdrive. My dad helped me with gluing it back in, but it’s fallen out thrice now, so I gave up and decided to buy a new thumbdrive. They are dirt cheap these days anyway.


Wooden Alarm Clock

2016-07-23 11.14.36

Wanted a clock on my desk to check the time with. I was considering either a cheapo wooden clock like the one above, or one of those fancy LED word clocks that tell the time with text. Eventually, given the price of those word clocks that I would have to buy from the US and the fact that they aren’t actually convenient, just pretty, I plumped for the cheapo wooden clock.


First Lady Michelle Obama Carpool Karaoke

The Obamas are pretty much the coolest Presidential couple I’ve ever seen. Well, Justin Trudeau might give them a run for their money in the years to come. But still.

I think internationally, most observers don’t get the hate so many Americans have for Obama. Some of it is warranted of course; I definitely don’t condone the drone strikes. But his work in the White House has been hampered by the Republicans since they retook the House and Senate just two years into his tenure, and he’s struggled to compromise and push through relevant reforms. Still, he’s not the worst US President by a long shot. Especially not when Trump is in the race to replace him.