If The Speech From Independence Day Happened Today – CollegeHumor

Unfortunately, that’s a very accurate portrayal of the world we live in.

As with everything, there’s a spectrum. I’d like to think I’m not at the extreme end when it comes to getting all worked up about what anyone says about anything. Political correctness has its place, as does brutal, frank honesty in a world that can be startlingly bereft of it. Getting worked up over what someone says and what they may or may not mean is either being way too sensitive about issues, or just an attempt to grab attention by shouting the loudest.

And tragically, that’s the kind of voice that’s heard the most. People need to calm down and assess what people say and do instead of jumping to crazy conclusions and accusations. And once a reasonable assessment has been made, then you can go ahead and start criticizing people about their racist/sexist/whatever views.

To be honest, I don’t think it’s a very productive way of actually solving discrimination issues anyway. Ranting about it on TV, on social media, on the internet…it doesn’t do anything. And just because you criticize a person for their bigoted views and force them to apologise, doesn’t mean that they’ll just change their views. Maybe they’ll temper their decisions for a while, but if a person is inherently sexist or racist, a loud, angry wave of internet people shouting at them would only make them more entrenched in their views.

Sure, there’s the fact that pointing out such people can help raise awareness of issues and also to identify them as people who discriminate. But you’re also giving them free publicity, and inadvertently rallying like-minded people around them. That’s how the US got Trump as a frontrunner, after all.

So we just end up with a world where every group’s most vocal individuals shout at every other group for not accepting their views, reasonable people’s views get drowned out, nothing gets done, and the world becomes more and more intolerant of diversity even as it tries to go the opposite way.

I still feel like education and culture is the only way to breed tolerance and acceptance. But then I see Samantha Bee interview young college students who want to vote for Trump, and promptly lose my hope in humanity. Elon Musk, can I hitch a ride to Mars? Thanks.


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