Month: June 2016

Man At Arms: Reforged – Power Rangers Power Axe

I vaguely remember having the plastic version of this, along with the rest of the weapons of the Power Rangers. Had a blast playing with them, as I recall. This looks stupidly heavy and unwieldy and just totally epic.

I wonder if the upcoming Power Rangers movie will be just as epic. I certainly hope so.

Brexit, Trump and the Problems with Democracy

These three tweets just about sum it up.


The New Superbug!

As a pharmacy student, this scares me quite a bit more than it might scare people with less knowledge of medicine. The news of colistin-resistance plasmids appearing in China (due to the feeding of pigs with colistin-laced food) was especially troubling when I first heard it some time ago. Let’s hope more doctors stop prescribing antibiotics needlessly, and more patients take their antibiotics faithfully. Oh, and that farmers stop abusing antibiotics to keep their livestock from falling sick.