Samsung Galaxy S7

So it was time to re-contract my phone plan, and also time to get a nice phone upgrade.

I don’t like iPhones for a myriad reasons (walled garden, lack of customisation, etc), and new iPhones usually release later in the year, so Apple is out of the question.

Given that I want a flagship phone like any self-absorbed, entitled millennial, there weren’t too many options available. I really wanted a Xiaomi Mi5 Pro because of the mooted specs and the low price it will have for a flagship, but it’s not out in Singapore yet and could take months. And Starhub, my telco, seems to have stopped carrying Xiaomi phones anyway. So that’s out too.

(By the way, I did consider buying the phones themselves and not re-contract. But it’s a more economical choice to re-contract if I wanted a new phone, so I did.)

There was also the HTC 10, but that’s not out yet either. My sister wanted the Huawei P9, but while it looks great on paper, the reviews are a little mixed. The LG G5 has even worse reviews. So I ended up going for the Samsung S7, the best Android phone on the market currently.

The price is pretty damn steep, especially since while my sister waited on the release of the P9 in Singapore, the $150 online exclusive offer on the S7 expired and I had to pay a whopping $599 for my phone. Well, my dad paid for it, but I’m going to return him half the cost so I don’t feel as guilty, while not paying the full price of the phone, even though I know objectively that we still paid $599 collectively.

I haven’t used the phone much yet (this isn’t a review, obviously), but it’s been fine so far. The only issue I have is just the transfer of data from my old Sony Z2 to the new phone. It’s easy enough to transfer important things like contacts and messages, but app data is a whole different kettle of fish. Still trying to get some game data over currently.

The design of the S7 is pretty nice too. I like how it fits in my hand, although the fingerprint sensor positioning could use some work. The capacitive buttons can be easy to touch and activate by my palm when I’m gripping the phone, but I’m hoping the addition of a case will help with that. The glass back collects fingerprints like nobody’s business too, but that will be solved with a case.

The screen is quite gorgeous, although that could be a placebo effect. The QHD resolution takes a little getting used to; like the monitor upgrade I did recently, text can be quite a bit smaller (although Samsung scales up most of its text quite a bit). Everything is running pretty smoothly, although I kinda miss Priority Mode; I do have some proprietary Do Not Disturb Mode. Getting used to the swapped Back and Recent App buttons was easy enough though.

Having not used the phone for an extended period of time, it’s hard to say whether it will be a really good upgrade on my old Z2. For the price, I sure hope it does.

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